Death Note (Anime Review) by Christopher Gourgouras

Some of the charachters

Death Note is an anime based off the Manga by the creator of Bleach. The series is short because of the lack of filler episodes that have plagued Bleach to this day. Instead, it is short and to the point. The series begins when an honors student in modern Japan finds a black notebook outside with instructions on how to use it. He decides it is a joke but is curious so he takes it home anyways to try it out, leading to the death of a criminal who was being broadcasted on live television. Light than decides to play god and make the world into his own personal utopia, killing any criminals who he was able to see and get the name of. The show than begins to get interesting as it progresses and different characters get involved (ranging from police to a Shinigami who loves apples).

Spoiler Alert: Rest of article contains spoilers. spoilers are bad if you want to watch this show. Stop reading now. I mean it. Why are you still reading? I warned you…

I enjoyed this show a lot, it had an interesting storyline with good plot twists. I spent a week watching the show on youtube (all episodes are there in Japanese with subs or English dubbed). The first season is really good but the show does start to get a little boring at some parts.


  • Great storyline
  • Good animation and voice actors (Japanese w/subs)
  • intro music is epic
  • Shinigami’s will always be awesome in any show
  • Plot twists
  • L


  • Boring at some points (not a lot but there are a few episodes)
  • Plot twists
  • L dies
  • After L dies a characters who meant almost nothing the entire show suddenly become powerful and defeat Light