How the clubmembers look

Tiny tiger is excited for this upcoming semester =^_^=


Anime Club has started up again bringing you news of upcoming events and going-on’s in our little anime world (a.k.a the club).

First off were going to introduce club members new and old to the wonders of  HENTAI!! YAOI!!! and YURI!!! Much stigma has been placed on these genra’s of anime and we hope to spread awareness and acceptance by providing a welcoming and educational forum for the material.

Second were going to hold our 2nd annual Anime Cafe Fundraiser! We’ll be dressed to impress I.E maids and manservants galore. We’ll be serving different flavors of bubble tea at a lower price than found in your local malls. We’ll sell Japanese snacks as well.

 So if you want to be served a delicious and cheap international drink by a happy group of maid and manservant otaku keep a lookout for future announcements around late February-early March.

Last but not least…


Due to amazingness on our part and a strong drive,love,and desperation to go to bigger and better con’s on the schools budget (WE WUV YOU Fwanky P.) We have decided to go to Anime Boston this semester! Stay tuned to post afterwords when we give you details, love and hopefully plenty of pictures (some tasteful and some not) of our time there.

Ja-Ne~ (^_^v)