This upcoming April I have the utmost joy of going to Anime Boston for the first time. I can’t even explain how excited I am as well as nervous but it has led me to a little introspection of first time at conventions in general. For people who have never been to one or are not into anything otaku they may believe that all conventions are the same.  This is not the case in anyway shape or form. Last year was the first time I went to AAC and the fear I had outweighed the excitement. I was wearing a last minute Goth Lolita style cosplay that was horrid in sooo many ways. And I am very quiet when I’m surrounded by people I don’t know so I was worried I’d be to afraid to speak to anyone to get any good pictures and the whole experience would just have to be a fond memory.


Should I say anything?

The fun came in the fact that not only was I not alone I was surrounded by my club also known now as my friends and family. My best friend (our current president) was doing a pretty good L from Deathnote thanks to my makeup and hair skills, we had a Sakura who was very upset that her outfit wasn’t bought, a quiet NANA who didn’t stand out and a Kira who was a girl. What this shapes up to is awesome stories and not a single fond memory of the convention where I’m not with one of them. I’m keeping this in mind as I look forward to Anime Boston with the club. I still haven’t decided what cosplay I’ll do but I know that it will be a fun experience with lots of stories (some good some horrible but funny) and pocky. I hope that you all think back to the feelings you had for your first con as you get ready for any upcoming ones or are doing last stitches or colors for your cosplay outfit. There are going to be other people at the con just like you. Try to get over the fear and nervousness and have a good time be it by yourself or with friends. If you’re at AB stop by and say hi or leave a comment here on the blog! ^_^

Happy nervousness

I hope to see you all at Anime Boston!


Anime Club V.P “L