You may have heard of Harajuku from Gwen Stefani’s songs and fragrance line; Harajuku is the fashion district in Tokyo. Every Sunday teenagers will go to this “hip-and-happening” place dressed up in various styles from Gothic Lolita to Punk along with cosplay of anime characters. Harajuku means “meadow lodging” and is a little North from Shibuya and the Takeshita Dori (Takeshita Street) is the exact location where the culture takes place in the dense street along with unique shops and restaurants.

clogged streets

crowded but stylish

Here are some ways to dress “harajuku”:

1)      Gothic Lolita

classic goth loli

Dark yet sweet

2)       Cosplay

world known cosplay

picture perfect

3)      Kawaii

bear and stitch

cute..and kinda cosplay-ish?

4)      Punk


goth meets punk

Along with theses styles each outfit has to be unique and wild to the “harajuku’s”     taste. Certain styles include crazy hair colors such as Neon red or blue also costumes with plenty of ruffles to cover the streets of Harajuku. I personally like the classy look of Gothic Lolita that combines Victorian-like styles with a gothic touch. Gothic Lolita can also come in other colors such as pink or blue even white. Kawaii is also a really innocent and extravagantly adorable style that I awe at, awe as in as in the noun and the onomatopoeia “aw”.

If I ever have the opportunity to travel to Japan I would at least like to check out the intriguing, colorful district and when I do I will make sure to go on a Sunday to see what I like to call a  “runway fanfic” where everyone is free to let our their creativity through the art of fashion.