Anime Boston

In a word: AWESOME!!!!!

Anime Boston never ceases to shock and awe con goers and innocent normies who happen to be near the Hynes on this most wondrous of weekends. Whether it’s the amazing guest list or the panels or the mind blowing skits at the Masquerade, many an otaku had a very, very happy weekend.

There were minor complaints about scheduling, mostly from people who wanted to attend certain things but found time conflicts, but sometimes things just can’t be helped. And as always the cosplays were AMAZING! The amount of hard work and dedication that go into some of them just really amazes me.

All in all, another great job by the AB staffers! Though we all will remember the overzealous AB security. There’s always one we all come across who clearly sat down on something thick and pointy. But even that can’t get an otaku down! Cheap manga and amazing artwork galore!

As always, the best part of any anime convention is the people. Making new friends on the sole grounds you happen to be cosplaying from the same series or standing in front of them in line is just too awesome. Some of my best friends ever are friends I met and talked to ONLY because they also cosplayed from the same series I was.

All in all, Anime Boston continues on the trail of awesomeness and fantastic fun times for all and I can’t wait to do it all over again, aching, blister covered feet and all, next spring. In the words of voice actor and AB guest Chris Ayres, love and laughter always!

"No need to be mean Mr. Security Guard"