This was my first year to go to Anime Boston which made me more excited than an anime school girl! ^_^ I’d gone to AAC in Nashua and knowing the venue for Anime Boston was going to be bigger I expected a plethora of things to do in the day and a half I was going to be there with the club. I remembered all the youtube videos I would watch of the masquerades and all the cosplay! I even decided to dress up as a catgirl (still can’t decide if I was magical or not) for the event.

It will be everything I dreamed!

My high expectations were way to high for the actual thing. Yes Anime Boston was big and full of people but it made me feel distant and insignificant. Also there were soooooo many panels yet nothing I really found interesting. I went to three. The hentai dating game and anime unscripted were amazing and had me laughing for hours after, I also went to a choreographed cosplay contest which made me feel awkward and unimpressed. There was a point that the rest of the club decided to leave early before the masquerade because they were so bored and people were so misinformed about tickets that we were stuck with getting the streaming room which would leave us with the same feeling we’d get from watching it on youtube…but not in our PJ’s.

Compared to AAC Anime Boston seemed all hype and no delivery. This is just my personal view of it but it seemed too distant from the everyday anime fan. Yeah there was stuff to buy (ridiculously priced or no) but I prefer conventions that get to the heart of he random anime fan and connect with us through panels and such as equals. I for one left a sad catgirl.

aww :(

Sad catgirl. Penny-kun sad too!