Elfen Lied Review

By Christopher Gourgouras

This review contains spoilers; do not read if you have not watched the show. Skip to the end for the rating and recommended audience.

Elfen Lied is a Japanese anime about a new race of humans called Diclonious. The Diclonious have genetic weapons that are in the form of invisible arms that allow them to do anything from kill an opponent to spread the mutation to the gene pool of a new host. In the series one Diclonious, Lucy, escapes from the Diclonious testing facility and goes into the world. This could be deadly but before her escape she was shot in the head by a sniper round and has developed an alternate personality that can only be switched off by being hit in the head again. Over the course of the anime you learn more about her and about the other main characters.

Bloody elf

So much blood but so cute ^_^

Recommended Audience

This show contains strong language, nudity, blood/gore and some incestuous relationships. It is recommended for a mature audience.


Storyline – 8/10 – Great story, end needs some work.

Animation – 9/10 – Almost perfect

Characters – 10/10 – Many different characters, all are interesting and most have backstories

Music – 10/10 – works well with show, couldn’t have chosen better.

Overall – 9/10 – Great show could use a few more episodes to wrap it all up.