Hello everyone!

The school year has started and Anime Club is back again for the fall semester!! We’re really excited for this upcoming year, we have already had our first pocky infested meeting and are making plans to stay overnight at AAC. This year we thought it would be good to introduce the executive board of anime club in our first blog for this school year so that you can get to know us better! ^_^

President: Hi!! I’m “L-Chan” Previous vice president and Current President of Anime club. I make sure that our room is booked, that everyone gets heard, that the conventions we go to wont suck, and try to get anime for us to watch that everyone will love. I got into anime with Saiyuki but I will admit I’m more of a manga kind of person. I love this club and try to make it a friendly and fun environment for everyone so we can all have fun! ^_^

Vice President: Hi I’m Tina-chan! I make sure everything is organized and good to go. I love anime’s uniqueness along with the club and it is an honor to serve on the exec board for this year. I like anime because of the original stories and characters as well as the beautiful artwork. I thoroughly enjoy anime conventions to attend informative, fun panels, check out new anime, and meet cool people with similar interests. Cosplay is also very fun and a way to express my creativity. I am looking foward to a fun year in anime club. P.S. Bubble Tea is awesome!!

Treasurer: Hi, my name is Nick, former president, now the current treasurer. I enjoy reading manga and am currently reading the vagabond series. I still enoy conventions and hope to do more trips with the club this year. I plan to lend my “unique” style of organization and timekeeping to help compliment this already well equipped executive board! <(“<)^(“)^(>”)>

Secretary: Hiya!!! My name’s Antonia and I’m the secretary… yup. ( I guess I’m the one with the white hair hahaha) Soooooooo, I joined Anime club because anime is BOSS… and I love cosplaying. A LOT.

p.s. – WRITE YOUR NAMES LEGIBLY OR DIE!!!! (please and thank you!! 🐱 ) DA….

SGA Representative: I’m Lisa!! I go to the weekly SGA meetings on campus and then report back what happened to anime club, keeping students informed about what our student government is doing on campus. I like anime because of the diverse characters and different plots that are always being created, and of course the ridiculous things in anime like cat girls ^_^ I’m looking forward to another good year of anime and fun trips to conventions!

Woot we wish we looked like that

We work for you and look stylish too!