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Mascots for cons are awesome!

Being from New England I have never been to Otakuthon which is in Montreal, Quebec (located in Canada for those who don’t know). When I first heard of Otakuthon it looked interesting and a lot of fun so I planned my first road trip to Montreal on the same weekend of Otakuthon. My friend and I waited in the line for registration which was not bad at all even if we did arrived early Saturday morning for registration. The convention was held at the beautiful Palais des Congres which was big enough to hold a convention like Otakuthon yet small enough to not to get lost.

The panels were very interesting and interactive. The rooms they were held in were good size so there was no half an hour lines for the panels or over-crowdedness of people. Two of the panels (“References to Japanese Culture” and “What Makes a Manga Interesting”) were conveniently done back to back in the same room by the same panelists that were very informative about the subjects as well as making it fun to learn. There was also a good selection of anime screenings from “Ghost in the Shell” to “Genshiken 2.”

Since this convention was in Montreal there were many French-speaking people as well as English-speaking people. I was cosplaying Princess San from Princess Mononoke so when someone came up to me speaking French with a camera in their hand I was able to understand what they meant even though I never spoke the language before. Montreal was a very amiable city and so were the people in the convention who I could have an engaging conversation with. I also felt there was a good variety of cosplay and not too many of the typical cosply such as characters from “Hentalia” and “Naruto.” At one anime convention I attended I felt it was more like a con strictly for “Hentalia” because of the vast numbers of cosplay from the series and the “Marco Polo” references everyone would shout.

The dealer’s room had a decent amount of merchandise with the usual manga and DVD vendors along with T-shirts (i.e. those comical “GAME OVER” with the bride and groom and the sign from “Kiki’s Delivery Service”), Gothic Lolita accessories and many other artistic merchandise. I did not attend the Masquerade however I did go to the Cosplay Café which was in a spacious room (also where karaoke was held) in a beautiful atmosphere and the tables were also placed in the balcony overlooking Montreal Centre Ville as well as the port of Montreal. The café served dishes such as takoyaki (octopus in ball-form), sundaes with pocky, and of course bubble tea!! My friend enjoyed the chicken with rice while I slurped and savored the Mango-flavored beverage with tapioca ^-^ The Saturday night dance was fun if you are really into dancing to the beats of famous anime and DDR songs (to me it was an indifference experience but my friend loved it). Oh and one more thing that really made Otakuthon stand out in my “Conventions that I Attended” list was the fireworks!! They were set off for the convention and although the veranda was crowded my friend and I were still able to get a good view of the dazzling display in the night sky of Montreal 😀

Overall I must say that I was heavily impressed with Otakuthon. So if you are looking for an outstanding anime convention in Canada I would highly recommend going to Otakuthon, you may think it was one of your best ideas. In the past summer I thought it was one of my best ideas 🙂


So cute and so delcious!! ^_^ (L-Chan)