Spoiler Alert~!~~~~!!!!!! If you have not watched the anime do not continue reading!!


Spoiler Alert is Spoiled

One word: BOOBS! Lots of boobs and fan service in this anime. Obviously this is aimed mostly to attract guys (and lesbians!) to the show, but even straight women can find enjoyment in this show. The nudity isn’t really entirely untasteful and you never get the feeling that you’re about to overdose on too many boobs. While there are gratuitous sex scenes and nudity abound, it just fits with the story! Not to mention, boobs are pretty awesome.

Ai chiwawa

Maybe she's born wiht it, maybe it's immortality

There isn’t much to complain about with Rin, really. The artwork for the anime is absolutely beautiful and the characters are very well developed throughout the story. My only minor complaint is that there is a lot of referencing to past events on the lives of Rin and Mimi, yet we never really see much of it. Plus, there’s also huge amounts of space between the episodes, sometimes a year, sometimes many years, to where we start with Koki in episode one and end with his teenaged granddaughter as a major character in episode 6. I feel like the series might benefit from a few more episodes that chronicle what happens between these massive time leaps. However, the flipside of this it that in skipping so much, the series completely avoids filler episodes, which are the bane of many an anime lover. The episodes are always right on the plot and stick with it through the whole six episodes.

The music in Rin is also very fitting for the anime, accenting happy moments with an upbeat rhythm and highlighting tense fight scenes with much more intense music. The voice acting was also superb, as well, although Mimi’s voice actor could tone down the tiniest bit on the shrillness of her voice.

Finally.. what is with the dog!? The poor thing gets shot pretty much in every single episode but then it’s back again for the next scene!

Kill a kitten instead

Everytime a dog dies in an anime a catgirl is born

Do the seeds of Yygdrasil make a female of any species immortal? But then what if a male dog takes in a seed? Do they become an angel-dog? This is definitely a source of confusion, for me at least. Perhaps this is where the legend of vampires comes from, with male bats taking in a seed and becoming angel-bats that suck the blood of unsuspecting maidens. Who knows. All I do know is that Rin ~Daughters of Mnemosyne~ is totally worth the watch, even if it is a little strange!