Its hard finding an anime or manga that just jumps at you and really holds your interest down to read it through, at least for me. In many ways it’s like trying to pick a good book to your liking. While others favor the ever popular Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece, I look for something that goes the extra mile. Here’s one of them.

I first heard of Yozakura Quartet by the artist’s name, Yasuda Suzuhito, who did the character design for Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (for the DS). Since I enjoyed the game, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to see the same artist who writes his manga and see how it is. I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.

Group of quartet

Smooth Criminals?

t’s not just the artwork that jumps out though; it’s the plot in general that reads like a real story, which is best described as Yu Yu Hakusho meets Charlie’s Angels. The heroes live in a peaceful town of Sakurashin, which also acts as a haven of demons to come in and live in peace. Or just cause some trouble as they see fit. That falls on the Mayor Hime and the Hiizumi’s Everyday-life Consultation Office, who not only acts as caretakers for little kindergartners, but act as a fighting force against any supernatural threat that threatens their town, with a diverse cast of characters.

panty shot

Chicks rock!

Hime is a young mayor who fights with super strength and agility with a lacrosse racket. Ao is a race of demon that specializes in telekinesis (via her point ears at the top of her head). Kotoha uses Kotodama, a verbal ability that can make anything appear just by speech (usually does so to make German military guns). And Akina, well… he’s pretty much the guy who helps run their little group financial wise, since he’s a ‘normal human’.


Pictures are decieving

These are the four main characters, but the whole town might just be considered cast material. None of them overshadow the other in importance, and usually let Hime’s group take care of the main problems, but it is evident that some characters can really cut loose if they can (but actually can’t as their power might destroy the town they live in).

lips and bass


Some people might lose interest around the first or second volumes because they seem to have just humorous and serial non-plot related adventures (in which the plot isn’t really establish and they’re just hanging out at times) but balances it out nicely in small foreshadows and fleshing out the characters before the serious stuff volume three and on.

Surprisingly enough, this manga was actually going to be about bands and music, but was continuously turned down to be rewritten into something else. The cover art stayed with the main characters assorted in sort of instruments, and not looking at all like a Yu Yu Hakusho type of story, but as they say; don’t judge a book by its cover.