Our panelist Erica with her FML Group guess which one she is!

As always, the best part of the con is who you spend it with rather than the con itself. While I always enjoy running around at AAC, going to see the Masquerade and running a few panels, the funnest part is inevitably getting to spend time with and meet some pretty awesome people. From inflatable balloon phalluses to A F*CKING BAG OF DOUGHNUTS, AAC was endless excitement from Thursday to Sunday and I only wish it would last longer. Maxing out on four hours of sleep, otaku in cosplays would roam the hallways to meet other otaku, get autographs, attend panels and have themselves a pretty freakin’ awesome good time.

There’s the usual problems most cons face, with equipment malfunctions, blown fuses and other electrical issues that put the Masquerade and the Rave out by about two hours. But the staff prevailed and everything was finished, regardless of the numerous problems they suffered. The most irritating problem, however, was the early end of the rave. It was supposed to be extended out an additional hour because of the Masquerade ending late, but that was quickly put to a stop – not by electrical problems, but by drunk, underage idiots vomiting all over the hotel. Needless to say, there were some angry, vengeful congoers stalking the hallways after that little revelation.

And, of course, there’s always the few series that seems to ooze all over the place as far as cosplays go. This year was definitely overrepresented by Hetalia (the ever present Hetalia fangirls flailing historically all over the hotel) and the theme appropriate Kuroshitsuji (aka Black Butler). Other fandoms like Pokemon and Fullmetal Alchemist stood their ground, however, and there was a nice variety in amazing costumes this year.

O_O wish he was cosplaying at AAC....XD........

All in all, AAC is still and always will be my most favorite convention to ever attend. I have so much fun every year I go and it only gets better, despite any mishaps and issues with organization or the fuses, haha! I can only sit and eagerly anticipate AAC 2011, which will be themed to fit the 70s and 80s, and as always my expectations are high for great guests, great panels, great people and great fun and I have no worry that they will not only be met, but exceeded.