About half of the exec board was able tomake it to AAC this year so I thought it would be good  to do a different perspective as the people in charge of running the club and making sure everyone is having fun while comparing it to those just entertaining themselves. Enjoy! L-Chan~

Vice President speaks and glows!

The VP’s point-of-view

Hello everyone,

I also attended Another Anime Con this month for the third time and it is still the amazing con I know and love. Another Anime Con in 2008 was my first anime convention and I did not know what to expect; after my time there I felt the joys and magic of being at an anime convention especially one like AAC. The panels such as “Anime Jeopardy” were very fun (much like in 2008) and the panelist did a good job keeping the audience enthusiastic. I went to this other panel called “Creepers: How to Avoid Them and Not to Become One Yourself” which was a very open panel of people’s crazy experiences and gave tips on how to avoid these sort of experiences. I was not able to go to this panel last year so I was thrilled AAC was able to bring back these sorts of panels. I was also impressed on how the panelists made the panel informative and interesting.  There were a couple of other panels that I went to that could have been just a little more informative on the topic, but were still interactive and unique.

my thumb!

I approve!

The previous year the Vendors room carried the entire collection of particular manga volumes I was looking for (I could not find it anywhere else). They did not have the particular volumes I was looking for but they were still a good amount of manga, anime, and kawaii merchandise for a small convention. Also the Dealers room had a variety of Pocky including this Mixed Berry flavor that I never came across before 😀 The cosplay I saw was truly amazing and there were a variety of characters that fell under the Gothic/Horror theme. Another Anime Con 2010 fulfilled my expectations for being a terrific convention that is fun and exciting. It is also a terrific way to bring anime fans together ^_^

What lisa would look like animated

Now for our Secretary!

Lisa’s Take on AAC! (secretary)

This is my third year going to AAC, and once again I loved it! The panels are always entertaining, and the Dating Game is one of the best hosted that I have seen. I was very happy that I got to see the L33T Str33T Boys perform, as it broadened my knowledge of bands. I didn’t even know there was a band out there like them until I went to AAC this year. It’s always fun to see the different cosplay ideas that people have come up with. I got a picture of me with a man cosplaying as the Boogie Man, which I would have never thought to do! Another guy was cosplaying as the manifestation of the Internet, who would think to do these costumes!? In general, I like this con a lot more than Anime Boston.

Someones short and angry at AB!

There’s practically no lines at AAC, and the hotel is big enough that there’s always room for everyone in the panel rooms. At Anime Boston, you’ll find yourself waiting in line for a simple panel for 2 hours, and you might not even get in. Also, unlike AB, the dealers room at AAC is at least reasonably priced. I saw the same plushies and backpacks at AAC for $15-20 cheaper than I had seen them at AB. The only disappointment I had this year with AAC was that the con experienced technical difficulties, which caused the masquerade to start almost two hours late. I really hope that we can stay overnight next year at AAC so that we can all stay for the rave and the really funny Hentai panels that start after midnight!

MY TURN!!!! ^_^

President L-Chans view ❤

As always I was very not let down with AAC. They invite us back every year and for that I am truly thankful.  I was even more excited that L33tStr33t boys were playing since ive been a big fan of theirs for a while and suggest everyone go to their website : http://www.leetstreetboys.com they have their own comic! There was plenty of pocky to be bought and loads of cosplay especially of Kuroshitsuji which I more than love! (I AM going to cosplay Hannah even if it kills me!)

She is awesome and works for a psycho in boy shorts! DO WANT!!!

I do admit there didint seem to be as friendly an atmosphere as there was previous years. The panelist and wokers there were just as friendly but the congoers seemed to be more in their own little groups than making random conversation like they used to. This also could be because im getiing old :(…nah. All In all AAC has yet again made me very happy to be a part of this anime club. We even became facebook friends with panelist and workers at AAC! Yay!!!  This was also my last AAC with the club since I’m going abroad next fall. I was very happy to spend it with my friends and unbloodrelated family having an awesome time. I hope everyone has fun next year!!

Hope you all have a good con year! From the Secretary, Vice President and President! ^_^