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A new and lastminute con for the club

Gobblecon. What is there to say, really? Considering it was a first year con, overall I was pretty content with it. It certainly isn’t anywhere close to being like AAC or Anime Boston, but for its first go round I think they did a pretty decent job with it. For next year, however, a larger hotel is a must! There wasn’t barely enough room to wander and the Dealer’s Room was small and very crowded, with only three small rooms to spare for panels and anime viewing. But, again, the fact it is their first year and the lack of funds the creator no doubt was experiencing probably had a lot to do with that.

All in all, I wouldn’t really call it a boring con. Yes, there were periods of boredom, and the panels weren’t nearly as exciting as their descriptions online (though I did enjoy the Otaku Dating panel cohosted by voice actor Sean Schemel) it was overall, pretty fun. It was great getting to see good friends from past cons and to hang out and be silly, without having to worry about making any panels or keeping to a schedule. Gobblecon wasn’t much of a con this first time but more or less a giant get together of anime lovers and cosplayers to meet, take pictures and share memories and fun times. Would I go back? Having traveled about two and a half hours to get there and being up at 4AM to do so… probably not. But do I regret making that two and a half hour trek to Connecticut? Not in the slightest!



This is how I felt on the way up with only 4 hours sleep~L-chan

I have hopes that, if there is a trek made down there for next year, that it’ll have improved greatly and be even more fun than it was this year!