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Hello everyone!

We have finished up the semester and about to go on a long break from school and anime club (doesn’t mean we can’t have a break from anime). It has been a fairly eventful semester with conventions, anime viewings, and such, but I am looking forward to next semester with fundraising (Bubble Tea Maid Cafe!), new anime viewings, and hopefully we will be going to a Cherry Blossom festival. Who knows what else next semester will bring, but I am sure it will be just as, or more so, exciting then the previous semester. It will be sad having a month without anime club  however, a good way to enjoy the winter vacation is to sit back and watch some Miyazaki films while drinking egg nog (or bubble tea) with some friends and/or family 

surprised family

Yes you!!

I hope everyone will have a restful, enjoyable winter vacation and






uh yeah

Im actually blonde now so it was either this or ganguro girl X) ~L-Chan

Hello everyone out there in blog land! It is I the devoted and humble president of our fabulous and wonderful anime club! I’m taking the time to wish everyone happy holidays and winter season! It’s getting cold, we finally got snow, and school is out till late January. I do feel empty without my fellow anime club members but I know that their being their goofy selves elsewhere and making other happy :). This semester was alot of fun, and the amount of stories we have from anime, and conventions is ridiculous!  I hope any of you reading who are thinking of going to Franklin pierce really try to come to one of our meetings were crazy! Next semester is going to be even better since we’re going to the cherry blossom festival, I just got my hands on some new manga and anime series that I want to share with the club, and we’ll be voting a new executive board for next year!!! ….oh right yeah and WERE DRESSING UP FOR BUBBLE TEA AGAIN!!!!! >_< Bubble tea makes my year. Only once a year do I try to dress as cosplayish yet slightly cafe sluttyish and it works!  I cannot wait. Until the spring semester have a safe and happy winter season and if you have any ideas of conventions or anime you want to fill us in on please feel free to leave a comment! We know your out there! 😛

jinx aka what I wish I looked like

Jinx blowing a holiday kiss :*