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The Vice President speaks!!

As we are all aware Valentines Day is here. Some people love it, others hate it. However you feel about the day of chocolate, roses, and all that lovey dovey commercialism it can be a good time to enjoy reading romance in the manga world (especially if you are very, very fangirlish).  I have read at least one volume of the series Absolute Boyfriend and Mars both series that I am very drawn to. Not so much of the romance but the interesting characters and story that are within these two series.

Hmmm so words do exist!


Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase is a more comical romance about shy 16 year old Riiko Izawa who gets rejected so many times she decides to invest in an android boyfriend named Knight who looks, feels, and acts human (well in the sense that he has emotions. Jumping out of high story windows and landing on two feet is not so human 😛 ). Knight is delivered to her by package (you probably know where this is going 😉 ). The boyfriend is everything that Riiko wanted: caring, protective, good cook and oh so handsome!! :O However the big drawback is that he is worth 1,000,000 yen that Riiko has to pay to Cronos Heaven. The dude who introduced her to the site looks like (a really good looking) cosplayer, and is a sauve salesman who tries to make a deal with Riiko. There is also Riiko’s good friend is also a nice, but sarcastic bishonen that tries to help out Riiko in the while try to tease her (hmmm).

I prefer TDG's myself. Tall, Dark, and glasses :3 L-chan~~

For something more sentimental yet angsty at some moments Mars by Fuyumi Soryo is about a love story between a really quiet artist name Kira and a badboy motorcycle racer named Rei that becomes chivalrous towards Kira by protecting her against bullying and harassment. The two seem very different then realize they have a lot in common including being raised by only one parent and that the struggles they have with society. The other characters included are Harumi a girl who is in love with Rei and gets viciously jealous towards Kira and Tatsuya who has a crush on Kira.

The fonz in manga form

The similarities between these two is that it takes place in high school which could arguably be the classic setting for romance and the relationships that go down between Riiko and Knight along with Kira and Rei are complicated. The differences are the overall tone with Absolute Boyfriend being very uplifting and amusing while Mars being very emotional and intriguing. Also the artworks are very different with Absolute Boyfriend being very bishonen like with the colors and designs of the characters while Mars has a more sketch-like approach. The male heroes (Knight and Rei) also act very heroic towards their female counterparts. Knight beats up the boys picking on Riiko and Rei protects Kira against the teacher’s transgressions and Harumi’s viciousness towards Kira.; Although Riiko can be very ditsy (by buying Knight for a million yen) Riiko and Kira have a certain degree of shyness; Kira more so than Riiko. Kira and Rei are unique because Kira has an artistic ability along with Rei being a motorcyclist; Riiko and Knight are unique because of their situation. These two series are unique and great romances (well in my opinion they’re great).


So the FPU anime club would like to know. Which series do you prefer? Take the poll to see which ranks higher! Whether you are spending this day with friends, family or a significant other I hope everyone has a lovely Valentines Day! 