Size does not matter in Japan!

Toradora! is a high school, slice of life, romance anime that was a manga and a light novel by Yuyuko Takemiya. Ryuuji Takasu lives with his mother next to a newly built apartment. The first episode starts with him waking up and trying to make a new hair style t seem gentle. It later shows he is seen and somewhat of a bully or delinquent. Waking up in another scene, the second main character, Taiga Aisaka who wakes up sneezing.

Oh hai!

When Ryuuji finally gets to school two new characters are introduced who are Minori Kushieda, Taiga’s friend and Yūsaku Kitamura, Ryuuji’s school friend. It very apparent that Ryuuji has a crush on Minori. As both friends head for class, Ryuuji while walking to the bathroom accidentally bumps into Taiga, who then gets punched by Taiga. Taiga is nickname the “Plamtop Tiger” due to her astrological sign and short height. The rest of the class day runs smoothly if not for the student and facility thinking that Ryuuji win hurt them if they do something he doesn’t like.

Glasses, uniform, will travel

At the end of the day, he goes to his homeroom to get his bag. He opens the door to see chairs and desks flying and a lone locker falling over with Taiga inside. He tries to get his bag but Taiga goes after his bag saying that she thought he sat on the desk next to where his bag is. She attacks for the bag but let’s go when she sneezes. Ruuji tries to ask why but she walks out of the classroom yelling “Idiot!”


He discovers later that she left a letter to Yūsaku in his bag. He also discovers that there is no letter in the envelope. He goes to sleep that night and is woken by Taiga attacking him with a sword in his living room. She says that he has to die for finding the love letter and before she hits him he yells that it was empty and she stops dead, then passing out due to hunger. He feeds her and they both discover that they have a crush on each others friend.

Just your average blue haired school girl.

They decide to work together, despite opposing personalities. Thus begins the series known as Toradora! Another character who comes into the series is Ami Kawashima, who is a model. Tiaga and Ruuji both met her and discover that she hides her true personality. Her cover personality is being sweet and somewhat dim but she really is a smart and stuck up superstar who likes taking advantage of some people. This personality becomes more open later on but remains the same for most of the series.


I would recommend this anime for people who like some funny moments in an anime but have serious moments as well. The anime isn’t like High School of the Dead or Desert Punk where is a lot of fan service so don’t expect any of that. The story is nice and has flow and the animation is well made. I never had a moment where I would say that something looked bad or the voices were bad. On the whole, I would give it seven and a half out of ten.