This week’s review is about the anime, XXXHolic. It’s an older anime which came about in 2006. The manga ran for nine years and ended on Feb. 9th 2011. This anime is more a less a comedy with drama and supernatural elements put in. If I had to compare it to anything, it would be Harry Potter. Just without the wands and wizards.

CLAMP knows how to make all their charachters look "OG"

The first episode introduces you to what the series is about even before the intro roles.


“There are many unusual things in this world. Everyday, events occurs that cannot be explained. Bizarre phenomena that often go unnoticed because people close their eyes to what they don’t understand, but the truth of the matter is, there are many unusual things in this world, and people… people are the most mysterious of them all”

After that the episode begins with out protagonist, Kimihiro Watanuki, walking down a straight, then starts to go from walking, into running. A purple glob starts following him that no one else can apparently see. He falls to the ground as the spirits starts pushing him on the ground. The people around him, don’t see the purple glob and look at him strangely for it.


It’s when he touches the fence that the glob seems to disappear and he notices a small house surrounded by the fence. The title of the episode then appears on the screen. “The Inevitable”. Watanuki looks at the house when he finds himself walking towards the front door against his will. He even tries running but keeps getting pulled forward.

Cute never means well in CLAMP

Two girls open the door and invite him inside, saying that he is a customer. A woman starts speaking that it was inevitable and that him coming her was no coincidence. The two girls open the door to a room with the women lying on a long chair, smoking. Watanuki says that it’s not inevitable and repeats the events that just happened. He’s about to leave when the women asks for his pocket watch. She then asks if his birthday is April first and Watanuki becomes surprised, admitting that it is his birthday. She then laughs at him for telling her his full name and birthday, saying that telling an enemy your name gives them an opportunity to capture your soul and telling someone your birthday allows them to own the paths of your past and future.

I wonder what conditioner she uses O_O and how many bottles?!

She says her name is Yūko Ichihara and that it’s an alias. Watanuki then starts getting angry because if she’s not saying her true name why tell him at all? At this point, Watanuki seems to be a very loud and short tempered person, while Yuko is confusing as Haruhi Suzumiya is some ways.


Yuko says that the two girls are Maru and Moru. When Watanuki starts to leave the doors to the room close and Yuko repeats that their meeting was always going to happen. She places a small talisman in the middle of a pool of water and it starts to spin. She starts to tell Watanuki that she knows of his problem and she says that he is able to see spirits. She goes on to say that the blood he has pulls the spirits to him.


After that she then says she’s keeping his pocket watch and Watanuki gets pissed. She says its payment and must be equal value to the service. Equivalent exchange is necessary for transactions for supernatural people. Oh and NO! to everyone who watches FullMetal Alchemist! This is not like that!


Shes says that harm will go throughout the universe and the soul if that doesn’t happen. The girls put his watch away and Watanuki asks what kind of place this is. Yuko says hat it’s a Wish Shop. She says that she could kill someone and Watanuki gets scared. She then tries to talk about his problem with spirits. She says that she can get rid of them and Watanuki aggress. He is then told to pay for her to grant the wish and Watanuki complains that he thought his watch was already payment. “That was that and this is this” she says.

This is Watanuki, he is not a cat. He just plays one on T.V :3

She says that she should work for him. When enough labor is done that equal the wish he can stop. She then decides to have a party in honor of his employment. This leads to him going shopping with his money and going to her warehouse to pick up a party guest. Note that the two girls, Maru and Moru are talking in and out through out the scene with Watanuki and Yuko, which is somewhat annoying.


We move to Watanuki looking inside Yuko’s warehouse and finding one of our new main characters, whose name is Mokona, who looks a little like a black rabbit with huge back paws and short front paws. He is honestly my favorite character in the series and works well at making the mood funny throughout the series.


Watanuki then goes shopping for the party and runs into another girl who says she can see spirits. He’s not a part of the conversation but she says she is constantly in pain from hearing them. He tries to help her by saying that she’s not being possessed or followed by spirits, but he’s yelled at because they don’t know he can see spirits as well. She’s says that he should be glad he can’t see them when a spirit then appears around Watanuki.

For something so small he sure likes to drink and eat.

Mokona gets out of his bag and runs over to get some food at a stand close by. Watanuki bumps into the girl and sees that the spirit who was surround him starts possessing her. He then return to Yujo’s home with a sad look on his face and Yuko asks is that he’s happy the spirit is gone. He feels bad about the spirit going to someone else and didn’t wish for that. She says that the girl wished it to happen and that wishes have the power to become reality and call it into being. Watanuki is confused and asks why and her response is that people are capable of wishing for anything they want to. Watanuki starts to walk home but stops and Yuko reminds him of their “destined meeting’. She states that just meeting someone changes someone’s life, the same with them.


“There is meaning in every event that happens in our lives, however small it may seem”.

Cast of XXXHOlic

The whole gang

He walks out the door and closes his eyes as he walks out. She states to Maru and Moru that he will be back tomorrow. He reappears the next day to get the money back from his shopping and walks inside the house as the credits role.


This anime seems to move slowly but at a steady pace. I have no real problem with the plot even though it really has none. It’s more to male you think bout the things in life and some of the odd and strange things that happen. The art style of characters seems to be out of proportion and their legs and arms seem longer than necessary. I really like the characters and later on a love interest and rival is added to the series.  This anime get and 7 ½ out of 10.