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Vice President speaks again!

Hello fellow Otaku,


Your VP Tina-chan is here, but not for long since I will be graduating in May (can’t believe it’s coming up fast- maybe too fast 😮 ). At any rate, I will be going to Anime Boston cosplaying (can’t tell you who, it’s a surprise 😉 ). And so I will give you a run down of do’s and don’ts for conventions. This does not have to be a rulebook but just some regulations/advice/reminders all that good stuff. Hope you enjoy!

Tina-Chan smiles...and teaches


1     Look at the convention schedule ahead of time. You may not get to all of the panels or events that you want to go to but it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead a little. Convention timing can be like timing during the school year- every minute counts! If you spend all you time in one area doing nothing you will find yourself missing out a lot.

2     Make time to meet up with some buddies you haven’t seen in a while. It may take quite a few text messages to rendezvous since everyone is bustling around and conventions usually (not always) take place at a large venue. Conventions are also a great way to meet people.

3     Try to take very good care of yourself. It can be hard to sleep and finding a good time to eat with all the excitement surrounding the convention but you do not want to do anything that would make you sick or cranky. Showering should also count under this. No one wants to sit next to a smelly, unhealthy person.

4     Feel free to check out anime screenings that you never saw before, get introduced to new anime. Also check out manga that catches your eye at the vendors. One of the purposes of anime conventions, much like an anime club, is to introduce you to new anime as well as a chance to see the ones that you may know and love beforehand.

5     Use common sense when meeting new people so not to get you in trouble. Also if someone does something that turns you off politely tell them so they won’t do it again (and to give them a fair warning).

Do's make everyone happy.


1     Be too bummed out if the panel you go is not what you were expecting, because of technical difficulties or some event gets pushed back at a later time. It happens, not everyone and everything is perfect, and there are still lots of other things to do at a convention.

2     Be that person that talks trash about another person just because they happen to have the same cosplay as you or that he/she can not sing karaoke that well. It is good to treat people the way you want to be treated (what goes around comes around).

3    Be too loud. I know one’s excitement can cause an increase in volume, but please keep other people and your vocal cords in consideration.

4     Spend all you money in one sitting on merchandise. The food courts do not offer free food and I would never recommend accepting candy from strangers.

5    Be afraid to talk to someone that you may be interested in. When you and someone you don’t know start chatting away and find yourself interested in a similar anime or interests then chat away (unless of course you are in the middle of a panel a movie screening). However if he/she does not express any interest in you its best to find someone else. It can be tough (especially for shy people such as myself), but you would be surprised to find yourself unknowingly “clicking” with another person (and as I said under do make sure to use common sense when meeting new people).

Great way to make friends

Whew! I hope I have given you all valuable advice. When I go to Anime Boston in a few weeks I will keep these all in mind. I also hope that everyone will find ways to enjoy the spring weather (which should be coming soon, but we shall see).

May cherry blossoms light your way