Your past president speaks for the last time as President.

Hello one and all. It is I L-Chan here speaking for the last time as President.

I just wanted to do a post saying how much I have loved being the president of this club for the past year. I started as a senator, then vice president and president. I will be ending as a regular member for a semester before I graduate. Those of you who are in Anime clubs or are in charge of Anime clubs will understand where I’m coming from as I say that the past year has been the most frustrating, infuriating, and absolutely wonderful year of my life.

Let’s face facts anime fans are known for out ADHD and touchiness. A college club full of them is no exception. I have seen this club go through ups and downs from all sides and without a doubt I would never EVER change a thing. For the next president I have some advice. Patience, threats, and a good communication with your exec board works wonders to keep you from prematurely aging lol. As for me, I will be watching from the sidelines as a member for a semester before I go off into the real world. Hopefully you’ll see more post from me. Till then…

jinx aka what I wish I looked like