Hello everyone,

Here is Tina-chan and since it is getting to the end of the school year (as well as my college years 😮 ) I am no longer VP but I am still an active member of the wonderfully crazed anime club!

Anime Boston 2011

Anyway, the majority of this past weekend I was at Anime Boston. When I first went to Anime Boston in 2009 I was overwhelmed at how many people there were (especially after being at Another Anime Con which is A LOT smaller). I was also astounded how big the venue was which was the Hynes Convention Center in Back Bay Boston right smack down near the Prudential Center. Personally I love the Back Bay area of Boston with so much going on and everything you could need/want near a convention (food, books shopping, energy drinks). The location is really neat, once you get pass the drive and parking!

I will start off with the things I enjoyed the most of Anime Boston 2011:

~the screenings were really enjoyable. I saw “My Bride is a Mermaid” for the first time which was amusing and cute. Hetalia was also fun with the laughs and comments from the audience ^-^

~ Some of the panels were amusing and informative (if I got in). The power of Duct tape was really informative and well done panel (wish I could have stayed longer) and the voice acting panel was fun and interesting.

~the Dealers room was HUGE and had a plethora of all things anime/gaming/kawaii/kitty-cat stuff, you get the picture. I must have got at least three items in which one or two related to my cosplay 🙂

~Other events such the rave was crazy but fun (I only stayed for a couple of hours- others stayed til 2AM! How do you night owls do it!! :O ) It gave a chance for people to laugh, bond, get close, all that stuff.

~The cosplay was really impressive. I saw at least 5 different Ramona Flowers from “Scott Pilgrim” with different styles of Ramona so they didn’t overlap. I also saw a few Roxys that were impressive. I also saw a variety of Pokemon, trainers, and cards which was neat. The tetris blocks was also very well played.

My Bride Is A Mermaid - Weird but Cute

Now the things that I was not too thrilled about (but I didn’t let that ruin my good time):

~My friend and I waited 30-45 minutes for two panels (Metal Gear Science and Dark Side of Pokemon) we REALLY wanted to see but were full. I wish the lines were organized and there was some sort of heads up of the possibility if you will get in or not.

~ Although the Hynes is a really good venue and in a very convenient location it is not as organized and big as the Boston Exhibition Center. I am a bit claustrophobic so the over-crowding irked me at some points.

Anime Boston Cosplay Group (Fullmetal Alchemist)

At any rate I would say this year of Anime Boston was perhaps the best one for one reason or another. My friend who was an Anime Boston newbie was amused by the convention, the theme with music was really neat (considering I am crazy with music), and the con-goers seemed to be more friendly then previous years; everyone I talked to would engage in a conversation with me and people would smile at me when I pass by them (even when they had the same cosplay as me which was Ramona Flowers). Overall I really enjoyed Anime Boston and I am already looking forward to Anime Boston 2012!


And so with the days counting down to graduation I would like to conclude. I joined anime club sophomore year (after deciding that being a hermit for my freshman year was not the way I want to go) to meet people with similar interests, to be introduced to new anime, and was a good way to make my Mondays. Joining anime club was one of the best decsions I ever made: I met fun, nice, unique people, been introduced to anime both good and bad 😛 , went to my first convention (AAC!), and the meetings were always amusing to say the least. I was on the exec board for two years (treasurer junior year and VP senior year) and I learned a lot about working with people and how to be involved with what I am passionate about- anime. Bottom line is that college years are suppose to be the best years of your life, getting involved with something you are passionate about is a good way to enhance your experience at college.

Anime Club: enhancing your experiences with lots o' love

And so I will miss writing for the blog. Writing about bubble tea, harajuku, cons, and everything else in between was really nice. I hope to continue writing and who knows I might be a writer… or open up a bubble tea café somewhere 🙂 I hope everyone has an enjoyable summer and I also hope that the anime club will continue to be the amazing club that it is.


Vice President Tina-Chan Signing Off