Hetalia started out as a Japanese webcomic and turned into a mange and anime in 2006. The webcomic is about characters representing countries such as USA, China, England, Germany, Italy and Japan. It makes use of comedic moments to help make sense of historical moments during World War 1 and World War II. The story has no real overall plot except to show events from the World Wars. Each episode is about five minutes long, so for those with short time spans to watch things, this could work for you.

Axis Powers Hetalia Main Characters

For those who enjoy learning a bit about historical actions between the World Wars, this show might be good. It’s a not a perfect representation mind you but it’s ok. I have to note that D-Day looks as if it’s a campout on a beach with Germany, Italy and Japan on the beach and USA, England, France, Russia and Chine are all hiding in the bushes. Within the series is a side series called Chibitalia, where all the countries are children, or most of them are, there are a few that are always older looking.


If you’re looking for something comedic and historical I would look here. My rank is a seven out of ten.