The manga series Free Collar Kingdom is about an Abyssinian cat named Cyan who joins the cat group Free Collars for survival and fights a rival gang lead by their leader Siam over East Ikebukuro. The Free Collars are led by Amesho, an old American Shorthair who is missing an eye and has an obsession with cosplaying.


Free Collar Kingdom Characters

Cyan originally belonged to a boy named Kokoro until Kokoro fell ill and his parents abandoned Cyan, leaving him to fend for himself in the basement. There he was first given an opportunity to join by removing his collar and thus becoming a Free Collar, but he declines and decides to wait for Kokoro to return. However, he soon realizes that he needs the Free Collars to survive and manages to tear off his collar. He joins the fight against Siam, a Siamese who was once a member of the Free Collars until her brother Puriam was killed by humans, and ever since then she has tried to take over East Ikebukuro and the world (she control West Ikebukuro). Siam has a nervous habit of licking her paws when she’s nervous or angry.

Scottie is a Scottish Fold and is an unofficial member of the Free Collars and lives in an apartment with her owner above, who is constantly getting her new dresses (sometimes Lolita style). She has an obsession with not stressing her self out for fear her folded ears will stand up forever and she’s always there to help out the Free Collars any way she can. Char is a Chareux who was once a member of the “Cat House Kingdom,” a household of high-class cats, but she left after feeling like the humans were using her; also has a love for music. Coon is a Maine Coon who has an obsession for cleaning things (from a joke, that coon translates into raccoon which can be mistaken for clean) and is a great swimmer. Rat, a Korat cat, is the go-to gadget cat and is great with technology, even building a vehicle for the Free Collars to use. Minky is a friend of Scottie and Cyan and is also a help to the Free Collars.

Scottie (Manga Cover)

To each other, the cats look like catboys and catgirls, but to humans, they just look like cats wearing clothes. In their catboy/girl form, they feature the ears and tails of their particular breed, and will occasionally show fangs, and paws instead of hands and feet. In addition to showing the physical traits of their breed, they will also have some of the typical character traits of that breed. The members of the Free Collars (and Siam) have a scar around their neck where a collar was too tight from years of abandonment or neglect.