Haven’t seen a good demon anime in a while? Check out Blue Exorcist a Kazue Kato Manga adaptation found on Viz Anime. This exciting fast paced anime begins as one of the twin human born son’s of Satan awakens the blue flame within brining awareness to his lineage to Satan. Humans live in the real world called Assiah and the demons stem from the realm of Gehenna. These two realms have battled for centuries without any side gaining enough ground in the war against the other to shift the balance of power. Stuck in the middle of this battle is the twin brothers Rin and Yukio. After witnessing his foster parent give their life to save him, Rin pulls forth the Demon-sword Kurikara which releases his Satanic potential immersing him in blue flames while forever changing his outward appearance.

After, Rin’s secret gets out he is encouraged by a fellow Demon, Mephisto Pheles, to join the True Cross Academy and continue his foster fathers quest to defeat Satan. Once at the academy Rin makes friends who are equally committed to the defeat of Satan, the faculty does its best to maintain his secret. As Rin’s power grows, so does the desire to control him, from those both good and evil. Rin’s secret becomes known to his friends, yet they stand by him, as time after time Rin has shown his willingness to sacrifice his own health to protect those he cares about.

Blue Exorcist has yet to be completed online yet it does appear to be very promising. Compared to other Viz Anime shows Blue Exorcist has very few flash back segments. Blue Exorcist does contain some violence and religious references so is not for every viewer. But for those of you who can imagine how epic a fight between Satan and his son can be, this is the show for you. Personally, after 23 episodes I am still hooked and can’t wait for the next episode to be released.