Control [C]  Review and Overlook-

This year, I’ve seen a number of shows that have caught my interest, however, nothing really stood out. That was until I found [C].

[C] The Money and Soul and Possibility is an anime that ran for about two months with only 11 episodes. Now while this is much shorter than Naruto, Bleach or FullMetal Alchemist, it makes up for in story and through provoking material. Funimation has acquired the home movie rights and plans to release the series in 2012. The company that produced the anime has been known for Speed Racer, Samurai Pizza Cats, and Gatchmia.

The first episode doesn’t describe much about what the series will be and the intro comes in after ten minutes of watching the anime, which is becoming more common. We begin the episode with a man standing in front of an ATM going through his credit cards and has problems with all of them. He pulls a demonic looking credit card out of his pocket and summons a car to send him to a place called “The Financial District”. The Financial District is an alternate dimension for the most part where battles take place for money and use money. Souichirou Mikuni is the first main character we see in the series and is contemplating money and how it’s used, both in the Financial District and the real world. He is interrupted by the controller of the Financial District, Masakaki who looks like the Mad Hatter.

The man from before at the ATM comes in and they are both told to fight to gain money. The man from before losses and the title of the episode comes in. We then head towards our Main Character, Kimimaro Yoga in a college classroom learning economics. I just need to point out that I’m somewhat trilled that this doesn’t take place in high school. Most anime seem to do that and it’s a change of pace. Anyways, He’s not the headstrong character such as Luffy from One piece or Ichigo from Bleach. Instead of wanting to make it big, he just wants financial security for himself and his future family. This causes him to be looked down on by others and seen as boring. The intro then plays, with the song Matryoshka” by Nico Touches the Walls who have done a few opening for anime, Naruto to be one.


Once the intro is over we see Kimimaro Yoga at his job where his friends ask him why he’s so uptight about money. He says he wants to make something of himself. We then move to his room where he’s studying for a test tomorrow. There’s a knock at the door, and when he opens the door, no one seems to be there. Masakaki appears and Yoga tries to push him out the door. Even after being kicked out of the doorway, Masakaki just teleport in… before being thrown out. He appears to offer the job of Entrepreneur to Yoga, trying to set him up for life.

Yoga doesn’t believe this until the next day he finds half a million yen in his bank account. He tries to take out 10,000 yen before the ATM seems to attack him and Masakaki appears tormenting him about money and how his female interest has a rich boyfriend. He is then given a similar looking car as the man from before. The episode ends we see the car from the beginning pulling Yoga and Masakaki into the Financial District.

Above anything the animation style and look of the series has to be noted. I just love it too much. I like that the main character has a realistic goal in mind as well and nothing about the plot is moving to fast. It actually moves quiet slowly at least until the forth episode. The characters are well done and the idea of Assets and Entrepreneurs intrigues me. The show later reveals Msyu, Yoga’s asset who takes the form of a young female imp. The connection between the two is amazing to build too and works well with the story. The only negative thing I could say is that it’s slow to start and short.

With the well put together character, amazing design and complex thought that goes into the story, I could give this anime nothing less than a 9 out of 10.

Kitsune~ Mascot of Anime Club