Steins Gate is an anime released in Japan between April 6, 2011 and September 14, 2011. 24 episodes were released and not surprisingly, Funimation has gotten the licensing for the series. It was based off a game of the same name and were said to be mostly visual novels with some interaction with the player. I’ll admit this review is somewhat biased since I’ve only watched the first episode but I also have someone who like the show and disused to ask them what they thought of it as well.

The first episode of Steins Gate starts off with out main character, the self-proclaimed mad scientist, Rintarō Okabe. He goes to a seminar with one his friends, Mayuri Shiina. They’re discussing theories of time travel, which seems to be the main idea of the series. Rintarō is distracted by something strange happening on the roof, but he gets interrupted by Mayuri who asks for spar change. She buys and then losses a small keychain accessory, which seems to be unimportant to the plot at all.


Later Rintarō gets into a fight with a teacher about time travel is pulled away by a girl named Kurisu Makise who explicitly states that he had met her 15 minutes ago, despite having never seen her before. He then proclaims that she is an agent and leaves. He phone starts to act weird and Mayuri tries to get Rintarō to find her keychain thing, which she says is worth a lot. He however sees it as funding for his research. They hear a scream and run around finding Kurisu lying dead in a pool of her own blood.

Rintarō hears a scream and sees Kurisu lying in a pool of blood. As he sends a text about it to another one of his research buddies, Itaru “Daru” Hashida, Rintarō has a strange experience, finding the street he is on has suddenly become deserted and a strange satellite has crashed into the building he was just in. The scene then transfers to a video log about Rintarō and his group’s goals and expectations. He pulls out “Gadget #1” which seems to be a TV remote, but the TV is broken and they go to get it repaired. They then move on to trying to get a remote-controlled microwave oven, which turns bananas into a gel-like substance,to work. It fails at whatever else they were trying to do with the oven and leave. Itaru tells Rintarō that the seminar he supposedly attended was cancelled, much to his surprise He notices his phone that had sent the text from earlier, actually was sent a week earlier, rather than earlier that day. He turns to see Kurisu alive, thinking that his message from the past saved her life. The episode ends there.

Now from the first few minutes I was intrigued by the idea of what was going on and I enjoyed it. After the next few minutes though, I became confused and lost. The show is hard to follow and leads to confusing subject matter. Time travel concepts are interesting to me, but this pulled it off in a very hard to follow fashion and for the first episode that’s now a good thing. It’s a very unique show but doesn’t quite know where it was going. It wanted to be something good and original but didn’t know how to do it. In the end I can only give the first episode a 5 out of 10. I’ve hard that the series is actually well done by one of my friends but the first should not have started the way it did and it drew me away from the series. If you like thought provoking series I could see this as something for you but realize that it does take a bit of work to understand what’s going on.


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