For anyone who has seen the Yugioh Franchise, Yu-gi-ho: Bonds Beyond Time was released some time ago. The movie is to support the 10th anniversary of the Yugioh. It includes the three main characters over the ten years over the franchise. I can say however this movie isn’t worth watching to any degree.


The three characters are introduced with Jade, Yugi, and Yusei. In this movie however, centers on Yusei more than anyone else. I’ve heard numerous remarks that not a lot of people liked Yugioh 5 D’s. I am also one of these people and can say that this was a bad choice of an idea. CARD GAMES ON MOTOCYCLES?! No, I don’t believe that would ever happen. The addition of Synchro Summon to 5 D’s was a stupid idea, but they added a new idea of summoning which lets you summon something as soon as you send it to the graveyard. This is the stupidest idea I’ve seen throughout the entire series.

The movie is all about Yusei overcoming his fears on not being needed or able to help others. I would have liked the idea of all of them trying to come together to fight the antagonist but he doesn’t even seem worth mentioning. Instead it’s a very long process of taking turns and defeating the boss with turns that seem to take twenty minutes. I seriously can’t complain about the movie more than that but I have heard that Yomacon has or had, depending on when you’re reading this, a fun time with the abridged version of the movie. ^^