Sands of Destruction is an anime based on the role playing game with the same title by SEGA.  Unlike the last few sets of anime I reviewed, this one is older and has already been taken by Funimation Entertainment and has an English dub. It’s an action comedy that provokes thoughts on what if you had the power to destroy the world. I can’t say much else on the subject due to its small stature but let’s begin the overview.

The beginning of the episodes starts out explaining the world. A place where beast men rule, the ocean is sand and the human and second class citizens. The story begins with in intro from a small bearlike creature. The bartender brings up the main focus of the series which is “The World Destruction Committee”.  We see our main protagonist, Kyrie Illunis, a beast men working in a local restaurant. He seems to have a negative outlook on the world destruction. He gets chewed out for bring the wrong order for a customer. This is our second main character comes in, Morte Urshela. She is presumed to be part of “The World Destruction Committee”, but is actually just someone who wants to destroy the world. “The World Salvation Committee” storms the bar looking for her and she ends up trying to take Kyrie as a hostage. She accidently knocks off his ears, revealing he actually is a human. The “The World Salvation Committee” yells to fire before the intro rolls in.


Morte and Kyrie escape the gunfire and our bear like character gets talked into getting a job to save a little kid’s sister. A local cat castle decides that they’re using a sacrifice to appease the gods of the sands and hopefully get good luck. Morte and Kyrie share their first conversation and introduce each other. The little boy’s sister is found and the village elder finds both of them. They’re both taken in and feed. We see that Kyrie is a very simple minded and very simple person. Morte tells of her plan to destroy the world, saying it’s a hypocritical place. She pulls out an item called “The Destruction Code” which is said to be able to destroy the world. The scene moves to the elder sacrificing Morte instead of the girl. The elder and the cats from before trade words about the sacrifice and instead of kidnapping Morte, they kidnap Kyrie.

The scarifies god is something of a two headed plant. The cat king is eaten by the plant just before Morte comes to fight the beast. “The World Salvation Committee” comes in and tries to capture Morte while the bearlike creature comes in trying to complete the mission of saving the boy’s sister who is now Kyrie. The god comes back and is now in the shape of an octopus. He bearlike creature tries to save Kyrie from the best thinking is the sister and get consumed in the idea that he’s a part of the committee. When Kyrie touches “The Destruction Code”, the earth shakes and they find their escape.


The bearlike creature along with Morte and Kyrie set sail on a boat after thinking they’re all part to the “The World Destruction Committee”. Thus the episode ends as the ship sets sail.

There’s nothing outstanding about the series and it seems to a be a run of the mill anime. More characters are introduced throughout the series and secrets are revealed about “The Destruction Code” It does turn up a provoking though about the world’s destruction, but other than that, there’s nothing really special. In the end I would give the series a 7 out of 10.