Hello all! L-Chan here again~  ^_-

Today I am blogging about the sudden rise in B-horror movies coming out of Japan. I personally love horror movies in all their splendor, but am finding the B style ones to be particularly fun as they can easily become a manga or anime. Most notably is “Vampire girl VS Frankenstein girl” and “Robogeisha” that have come out recently. Both are so bad their good and poke fun at themselves so you know it’s on purpose.

Don't let the cover fool you, there is no cleavage and lots of blood.

I’ll start off with “Vampire Girl VS Frankenstein Girl”. This movie is about a vampire girl in High school who wants to have the cutest guy in school. The school snob wants him though and through a series of events becomes Frankenstein girl, yada, yada, yada. The true point of this movie is that the human body can squirt out 9 gallons of blood per minute for at least a good half hour and that black face takes on a different tone in Japanese high schools.

This is Afro-Rika she is japanese and wants to be black....she is president of a club of people trying to be black. Words cannot describe the weirdness.

The school is filled with a wrist cutting club, a “ultra super dark tanning club”, and the vice principal is also the bio, chem and science teacher. What this movie lacks in plot it makes up in sheer weirdness, breaking the fourth wall, and funnyness. I Personally would love to see it made into a manga or anime so artist out there! Get to it!

Next on our list is robogeisha:

Beauty and metal meet

Robogeisha though seeming to be even weirder than Vampire girl, actually has a plot. Not a strong one but still present. It also pokes fun at itself through the tengu girls who are part of a large corporation that wants to destroy the world. This movie is like the dream of a small 6 year old Japanese boy. Mix in 2 parts pretty girls, 1 part assassins, 1 part funny old people, 6 parts weirdness, and put it all in a transformers blender. Voila! You have Robogeisha.  This movie seems as if it has come out of a manga and I am frankly surprised it is not a manga. It features a easy pull towards many markets and a deep rooted sibling love that is being torn apart because of their stations in life. Comedy-drama robot genra anyone?

These are no sailor scouts

I truly hope more movies like this are brought out from Japan. They make great gory horror movies and even better B-horror movies. I also hope this will possibly make a rise in live action out of the awesome nation.