Hey Anime peoplez, Kitsune here with another view from the latest anime to hit the streets. This time the show is called Highschool DxD. The series was a light novel which has become an anime. I will go into this review stating before hand that this is not an episode for younger audiences. Its very much a more adult harem anime. I do have a major problem with this anime and it has to be the amount of fanservice.


The episode starts out with out main character talking about the color red, which appears to be on his hands as well as the color hair of a girl. The one scene doesn’t last to long before we move to see our main character, Issei Hyōdō, and two of his friend sitting on the side of a hill looking at the clouds. The first sentence I see when watching the show is that the main character is talking about breasts. First sentence of this show and its already leading me downhill.  The anime goes on to say that they had moved from their old school to what was once an all girls school, recently changed into a co-ed school. They had hoped to get girlfriends going to this school…. A reason that apparently fits into reasons for going to a school. All three of them are perverted enough to peak at girls in the bathrooms, before Issei’s friend run away and leave him with a beating.

This is where we meat the red haired women from before, Rias Gremory, who acts as the president of the Occult Research Club. Issei spots her and notices her, as well do his friends. After is a small scene where Rias and one of her followers talks about Issei and says that he should be watched and may be important. After this conversation is where she undress and has a pointless however moment for the sake of fan service. Later that day Issei talks to a girl who asks him out on a date and Issei introduces her to his friends saying that she’s his girlfriend. They plan a date which apparently is never really specified but they still know where to meet. While Issei is waiting for his date he receives a strange piece of paper that say it can make your wishes come true. He shrugs it off and put in his pocket as his date shows up and a montage starts of him and her having a lovely time together. At the end of the night the girl asks him a favor to end the date on. Issei thinks it’s a kiss but she really asks him to die.


When I first heard this myself I acted the same way the main character did… complete shock and confusion. She proceeds to transform into a half naked women with wings and strikes him at the center of his body, saying that he is a anger to her and her people. Issei proceeds to die and wishes that he could die on the chest of Rias. Really? That’s what you decide to wish for? This main character doses not inspire hope. She then appears from the paper and says that e will serve her for saving him. HE wakes up the next morning to find that his friends don’t remember the girl and Rias looks at him funny as she passes him in the hall. He starts to notice that he is looking and feeling differently than before. He runs to where he belives he had died to find a man looking to kill him, while he runs away the old man stabs him again and says that he will be an easy kill. Rias and her subordinates step in to save him. The next day, he wakes up to find himself naked with Rias naked next to him. She then says to him that she is a demon and he is now her servant.

Like I said and will restate, older audiences only. However even with myself being 20, I can’t be serious about this anime. The character flashes back and forth between being serious and perverted at stupid times. I have to admit the concept of this anime would be a bit more interesting with less fanservice and more emotion. I’ve only watched episode one and will at least watch episode two but my rating for this anime so far would have to be at least a 6. 5, nice concept but characters and fanservce draw this anime downhill and a majority of it is that. I would say view it in a group if you want more laughs. It tries to be funny and serious at the same time… try being the key word.