Some time ago I encountered the anime “Full Metal Panic” A show that melds giant robot combat and high school drama and hijinks. The main male character is a war veteran who spent most of his life as a mercenary on one war front or another and was one a child soldier. The main female lead is a high school girl who is one of the ‘whispered’ people who know secrets that change the world. They come together when the male lead is sent under cover to protect the female lead. He is completely out of place in civilian japan and sticks out like a sore thumb whenever he tries to protect the female lead from a perceived threat. The series has a fair amount of action but the comedy of male lead trying to adjust to Japanese high school nicely breaks the often serious tone of the military sections.

The series starts with a fairly straight forward balance of comedy and action but as the series progresses it begins to explore the mysteries of the world it is set in. The series is worth watching for anyone who is a fan of either giant robot anime or school anime and the series has moments very similar to “Gundam” during the military sections and sections similar to the school sections of “Code Geass” during its civilian focused sections.

The anime for FMP has two regular seasons and a fan service season called “Full Metal Panic? Fumufu”. Whether a third season will be released is currently unknown but a new arc of the FMP manga is being released in Japan.