This will be the review of a vampire anime that I liked Rosario + Vampire, I have not enjoying watching a romantic anime before that wasn’t hentai but I really enjoyed this one for it has everything for me and more.

It about a boy who has failed the Japanese school system entrance exams. On which all students must pass to be able to attend a private schools. Only his dad from what I gather was intoxicated from the scene picked up a brochure from another apparent intoxicated person for private high school that is staffed and attended by real monsters only he doesn’t know this yet. So our hero has a new school as he arrives at the school’s grounds he is hit by his love interest.

She tells him that she is a vampire and then proceeds to bit him with the cutest sounds. Almost every episode has the inner Moka coming out to defend and defeat the cast of characters that attend the high school for monster.

Outer Moka

Inner Moka