After my first review of XXXholic and how long that review was, I have been teased by the community I live in to do the second episode. Scine I think it’s a little stupid to do so I’ll do the next best thing and do the second season named XXXHolic Kei. After watching the first and second season together I liked the series as a whole but it had been forever since I last watched the series in full. Like my other review I’ll start with the first episode. I won’t give a rating because it’s been so long since I’ve watched the season as a whole.

We start off see a strange vision of one half of the screen being dark. Our main character, Watanuki had a dream and is woken up by Maru and Moro to make breakfast. Yoko and Watanuki discuss the dream and tells him that the day isn’t going to go well. Comical hijinks insu into we see Watanuki walking by Domeki’s temple and he asks Watanuki to help clean. Watanuki gets caught in a spider web and Domeeki helps him get out. We see a strange looking spider before moving on. During lunch Watanuki and Himawari are eating. Domeki appears and rubs his right eye. Later that day his eye is bugging him and he falls to the ground. He says his eye won’t open and has strange web marking around his eye.

We learn that Domeki can’t enter the shop and that Yoko knows what’s happening as usual. Domeki has apparently fallen under the grudge of a spider. They discuss the perspective and how one’s home can be something to another person ad who grudges seem to form easily. They are said to be unreasonable and are not something easily taken back. This was one of the few reasons I liked the show in which it took something, made it magical and then added a philosophical detail to it.


We see Domeki back at his temples and he hears noises coming from the door, when he opens it a burst of wind something through the door and that scene lead to nothing really except the feeling of dread. We move on the next day where Watanuki becomes distanct to Domeki and we find that Domeki is better. Watanuki get pinned to the wall and Domeki find out that Watanuki has taken on the grudge. Domeki tells Watanuki to call Yoko and later in a playground Yoko and Domeki talk about what Watanuki had done. Domeki and Yoko discuss what would happen if he decided to make a wish that he could take the grudge back to his eye.

Later, Himawari asked Watanuki to take a book back to Domeki’s house and Watanuki does. Watanuki notices that hes seeing two different vision from his eye for a moment but goes back to normal. Watanuki returns the book and look over the storehouse on Domeki’s temple. Watanuki notices that the book he was carrying to Domeki’s house is to repel curses. We then come upon and Alice and Wonderland type of room in Yoko’s shop. Yoko and Watanuki discuss the books he saw earlier. They say that Domeki’s grandfather was a powerful priest and Domeki believes he could fix Watanuki’s eye.


Yoko talks to herself as she discusses Watanuki’s problem and the episode ends. Unlike the last season the episodes seem to tie together into more than one episode, which I think is a good thing and leaves you wanting more.  If I remember well, the ending of this season explains a lot more from the first series and is actually darker than the first season too. There’s a reason I like this season more and I hope the review of this episode helps you get interested in this or something close to this.