There is a website you can find at the stroke of midnight by one who harbors a desire for revenge against another; it is Hell Correspondence. At the stroke of midnight, the site will appear with only a place to type the name or names of those you want to take revenge and send it to Hell Girl. The user will receive a confirmation email or text that Hell Girl has received the names.

Translation: We will take revenge on your behalf.


Soon after, Hell Girl would inform the user of the conditions of their revenge: that though whom they hold a grudge against will go to Hell, the user too will go to Hell. The user would then be given a black straw doll with a red string tied around the neck and are given the choice to send their tormentor to Hell or not, by removing or breaking the red string.


Voodoo doll with the red string attached


Then the doll, who is Wanyudo, one of Ai Enma’s companions, would disappear from the user, and reappear near the tormentor. The tormentor would become the tormented, while Ai Enma and her companions Wanyudo, Ren Ichimoku and Hone Onna, would punish them and exploit their flaws and crimes.


Left to right: Ren Ichimoku, Ai Enma (Hell Girl), Hone Onna and Wanyudo


Before she ferries them to Hell, she inquires whether the condemned understand their crimes and recites this rite:

“Oh, pitiful shadow cloaked in darkness

Looking down on others and causing suffering

Thy soul drowns in sinful karma

Want…to try dying this once?”


Though the tortured are ultimately given the final choice to condemn both their tormentor and themselves to Hell, none of them decide against the damnation. Even Hajime Shibata, a former journalist who makes money by blackmailing celebrities, cannot escape damnation to Hell.