After looking for new anime to watch for I have watched all I have multiple times and I was using a certain website to watch this new to me Anime called Rideback. Rideback is set in the future where the citizens of Japan are taken over by a paramilitary organization called Global Government Plan or the GGP the main enemy to the GGP was the terrorist organization Borderless Military Alliance or BMA.

Moreover, they introduction of the new type mecha called the rideback which is a cross breed of a robot and motorcycle. I have never really seen a mecha of this type before and I found it enjoyable to watch. The main character is name Rin Ogata; she is former ballerina who was injured during a performance and then when on to a college where she found the universities rideback club by mistake by the weather forced her into the garage to get away from the rain. Through the chain of events, that leading to great shows conclusion with a huge battle.