I enjoy watching anime; however I have an odd relationship when it comes to watching it. I usually start watching a series when I am in the mood to watch something imported from Japan and I only continue watching the series if a couple of criteria are met; the voice work is really good, the artwork astonishing to me, and the characters and plot is enjoyable.   When I came across the anime called Samurai 7, I was amazed to find that it managed to fulfill all of my criteria. The story is very enjoy as it takes to through a science fiction  version of the tale of seven samurai where a group of farmers are sent to find help after a group of bandits continuously raid there small village. The group that is formed finds and bring back with them seven samurai to aid them in order to stop the bandits once and for all. The story takes place in a future that is almost like futile Japan but only with futuristic technology such as robots, computers, and giant flying ships. Each character has a different a unique personality that develops as the anime continues through the story, especially the seven samurai themselves.  Lastly the anime’s artwork is beautiful and matches the atmosphere and action sequences that works very well with the mood and the atmosphere. Every building to a character’s attire are heavily influenced by Japanese culture as the animators wanted to try and make the anime more futile Japan influenced side than its science fiction side. If you want to watch an anime with great writing with a lot of drama, great artwork, and very likeable characters, I seriously suggest watching Samurai Seven. However, if you’re looking for something with a lot of comedic moments, then I would subject something else.