After months of being told to watch the anime Wolf’s Rain by my friends I figured I’d finally review it and I have to say from what I’ve seen the series could go anywhere. A quick background story is that according to old legend, when the world is coming to an end the doors to “Paradise” will open and wolves will be the only ones able to find it. Most humans think this is an old fairy tale because wolves were driven to the point of extinction around 200 years ago, or so they thought? The anime revolves around four main characters who are all wolves, Kiba (Fang), Tsume (Claw), Hige (Whisker) and Tōboe (Howling). They disguise themselves as humans so they aren’t hunted and can persuade people into doing what they want. This disguise seems to only trick the eyes and ears though. For instance when a human was falling off a cliff Tsume grabbed a hold of him with his hand but instead it left teeth marks and caused the human to plummet to his death…
I knew the show was about wolves and from what I’ve heard it sounded rather spiritual, but when I started the series I was completely shocked to see people jumping onto a fast moving train with mechs, people shooting guns and blowing stuff up. Since there’s a lot of characters with different parts to the story I’ll put them all in a nutshell. There’s an old man with a dog named Blue who’s on some vengeance goal to kill all wolves and knows they can disguise themselves as humans. A police detective who’s slowly putting the dots together that wolves are behind most of this stuff. The detectives x-wife is a head scientist at a government facility that’s studying a girl who’s the “Flower Maiden.” The flower Maidens then kidnapped by a some stranger who has the status of a “Noble” with a mask, cape and a glowing eye that puts people to sleep. The wolves seem to originally have been in town because they could smell what they refer to as the “Lunar Flower” but after the Flower Maiden is taken away they grouped together as a pack and are now on a hunt to find Paradise.
Overall I thought the series was pretty good. It seems pretty serious too, they don’t seem to get big heads or yell at each other with funny phrases. The stories written by Keiko Nobumoto who also wrote Cowboy Bebop and Tokyo Godfathers. I’m interested to see where the story will go because there’s a lot of conspiracy that isn’t really touched upon. Such as a small scene where one Noble says that was two hundred years ago you were a little girl then. There’s a lot of questions I have for the series and not enough time to talk about em. I’m curious to see what your thoughts are as well, go watch Wolf’s Rain or if you already have leave a comment below on what your thoughts are. ~Spartan B66

After my first review of XXXholic and how long that review was, I have been teased by the community I live in to do the second episode. Scine I think it’s a little stupid to do so I’ll do the next best thing and do the second season named XXXHolic Kei. After watching the first and second season together I liked the series as a whole but it had been forever since I last watched the series in full. Like my other review I’ll start with the first episode. I won’t give a rating because it’s been so long since I’ve watched the season as a whole.

We start off see a strange vision of one half of the screen being dark. Our main character, Watanuki had a dream and is woken up by Maru and Moro to make breakfast. Yoko and Watanuki discuss the dream and tells him that the day isn’t going to go well. Comical hijinks insu into we see Watanuki walking by Domeki’s temple and he asks Watanuki to help clean. Watanuki gets caught in a spider web and Domeeki helps him get out. We see a strange looking spider before moving on. During lunch Watanuki and Himawari are eating. Domeki appears and rubs his right eye. Later that day his eye is bugging him and he falls to the ground. He says his eye won’t open and has strange web marking around his eye.

We learn that Domeki can’t enter the shop and that Yoko knows what’s happening as usual. Domeki has apparently fallen under the grudge of a spider. They discuss the perspective and how one’s home can be something to another person ad who grudges seem to form easily. They are said to be unreasonable and are not something easily taken back. This was one of the few reasons I liked the show in which it took something, made it magical and then added a philosophical detail to it.


We see Domeki back at his temples and he hears noises coming from the door, when he opens it a burst of wind something through the door and that scene lead to nothing really except the feeling of dread. We move on the next day where Watanuki becomes distanct to Domeki and we find that Domeki is better. Watanuki get pinned to the wall and Domeki find out that Watanuki has taken on the grudge. Domeki tells Watanuki to call Yoko and later in a playground Yoko and Domeki talk about what Watanuki had done. Domeki and Yoko discuss what would happen if he decided to make a wish that he could take the grudge back to his eye.

Later, Himawari asked Watanuki to take a book back to Domeki’s house and Watanuki does. Watanuki notices that hes seeing two different vision from his eye for a moment but goes back to normal. Watanuki returns the book and look over the storehouse on Domeki’s temple. Watanuki notices that the book he was carrying to Domeki’s house is to repel curses. We then come upon and Alice and Wonderland type of room in Yoko’s shop. Yoko and Watanuki discuss the books he saw earlier. They say that Domeki’s grandfather was a powerful priest and Domeki believes he could fix Watanuki’s eye.


Yoko talks to herself as she discusses Watanuki’s problem and the episode ends. Unlike the last season the episodes seem to tie together into more than one episode, which I think is a good thing and leaves you wanting more.  If I remember well, the ending of this season explains a lot more from the first series and is actually darker than the first season too. There’s a reason I like this season more and I hope the review of this episode helps you get interested in this or something close to this.


This will be the review of a vampire anime that I liked Rosario + Vampire, I have not enjoying watching a romantic anime before that wasn’t hentai but I really enjoyed this one for it has everything for me and more.

It about a boy who has failed the Japanese school system entrance exams. On which all students must pass to be able to attend a private schools. Only his dad from what I gather was intoxicated from the scene picked up a brochure from another apparent intoxicated person for private high school that is staffed and attended by real monsters only he doesn’t know this yet. So our hero has a new school as he arrives at the school’s grounds he is hit by his love interest.

She tells him that she is a vampire and then proceeds to bit him with the cutest sounds. Almost every episode has the inner Moka coming out to defend and defeat the cast of characters that attend the high school for monster.

Outer Moka

Inner Moka


Some time ago I encountered the anime “Full Metal Panic” A show that melds giant robot combat and high school drama and hijinks. The main male character is a war veteran who spent most of his life as a mercenary on one war front or another and was one a child soldier. The main female lead is a high school girl who is one of the ‘whispered’ people who know secrets that change the world. They come together when the male lead is sent under cover to protect the female lead. He is completely out of place in civilian japan and sticks out like a sore thumb whenever he tries to protect the female lead from a perceived threat. The series has a fair amount of action but the comedy of male lead trying to adjust to Japanese high school nicely breaks the often serious tone of the military sections.

The series starts with a fairly straight forward balance of comedy and action but as the series progresses it begins to explore the mysteries of the world it is set in. The series is worth watching for anyone who is a fan of either giant robot anime or school anime and the series has moments very similar to “Gundam” during the military sections and sections similar to the school sections of “Code Geass” during its civilian focused sections.

The anime for FMP has two regular seasons and a fan service season called “Full Metal Panic? Fumufu”. Whether a third season will be released is currently unknown but a new arc of the FMP manga is being released in Japan.

Hey Anime peoplez, Kitsune here with another view from the latest anime to hit the streets. This time the show is called Highschool DxD. The series was a light novel which has become an anime. I will go into this review stating before hand that this is not an episode for younger audiences. Its very much a more adult harem anime. I do have a major problem with this anime and it has to be the amount of fanservice.


The episode starts out with out main character talking about the color red, which appears to be on his hands as well as the color hair of a girl. The one scene doesn’t last to long before we move to see our main character, Issei Hyōdō, and two of his friend sitting on the side of a hill looking at the clouds. The first sentence I see when watching the show is that the main character is talking about breasts. First sentence of this show and its already leading me downhill.  The anime goes on to say that they had moved from their old school to what was once an all girls school, recently changed into a co-ed school. They had hoped to get girlfriends going to this school…. A reason that apparently fits into reasons for going to a school. All three of them are perverted enough to peak at girls in the bathrooms, before Issei’s friend run away and leave him with a beating.

This is where we meat the red haired women from before, Rias Gremory, who acts as the president of the Occult Research Club. Issei spots her and notices her, as well do his friends. After is a small scene where Rias and one of her followers talks about Issei and says that he should be watched and may be important. After this conversation is where she undress and has a pointless however moment for the sake of fan service. Later that day Issei talks to a girl who asks him out on a date and Issei introduces her to his friends saying that she’s his girlfriend. They plan a date which apparently is never really specified but they still know where to meet. While Issei is waiting for his date he receives a strange piece of paper that say it can make your wishes come true. He shrugs it off and put in his pocket as his date shows up and a montage starts of him and her having a lovely time together. At the end of the night the girl asks him a favor to end the date on. Issei thinks it’s a kiss but she really asks him to die.


When I first heard this myself I acted the same way the main character did… complete shock and confusion. She proceeds to transform into a half naked women with wings and strikes him at the center of his body, saying that he is a anger to her and her people. Issei proceeds to die and wishes that he could die on the chest of Rias. Really? That’s what you decide to wish for? This main character doses not inspire hope. She then appears from the paper and says that e will serve her for saving him. HE wakes up the next morning to find that his friends don’t remember the girl and Rias looks at him funny as she passes him in the hall. He starts to notice that he is looking and feeling differently than before. He runs to where he belives he had died to find a man looking to kill him, while he runs away the old man stabs him again and says that he will be an easy kill. Rias and her subordinates step in to save him. The next day, he wakes up to find himself naked with Rias naked next to him. She then says to him that she is a demon and he is now her servant.

Like I said and will restate, older audiences only. However even with myself being 20, I can’t be serious about this anime. The character flashes back and forth between being serious and perverted at stupid times. I have to admit the concept of this anime would be a bit more interesting with less fanservice and more emotion. I’ve only watched episode one and will at least watch episode two but my rating for this anime so far would have to be at least a 6. 5, nice concept but characters and fanservce draw this anime downhill and a majority of it is that. I would say view it in a group if you want more laughs. It tries to be funny and serious at the same time… try being the key word.

Japanese noodles! Everyone loves them, they are a pivotal part of Janapese cuisine, and it’s probably the thing I’m looking forward to the most when our Anime Club goes to the Cherry Blossom Festival in April. But did you know there’s more than one kind of Japanese noodle? In fact, there are six!
Ramen, the most popular kind of Japanese Noodle, actually isn’t Japanese. It originated in China, and then was imported to Japan, becoming a staple food quickly. They are made from wheat flour, are yellow in color, and are a part of thousands of Japanese dishes. It wasn’t until instant ramen was invented that it became a popular food in the United States. A popular ramen dish in Japan is Miso ramen and Shio ramen.
Shirataki noodles are also known as white waterfall noodles, as they are clear. They are made from the “Devil’s Tongue plant”, and are often chewy or rubbery when compared to ramen. These are the best noodles for those on a diet, as they are highly nutritious, contain lots of fiber, and are low in carbohydrates and calories. They have no taste on their own, but will take on the flavors of whatever they are cooked with.
Soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour, and can be bought either fresh or dried like pasta. They can be served hot in a variety of dishes, or cold with dipping sauces. They are sometimes confused with the Yakisoba dish, which is actually made with Chinese noodles.
Somen noodles are very thin and white, and are made from wheat as well. They are often served chilled with dipping sauces, but they can also be used in hot soups. They are similar to Udon noodles, only they are much thinner. They require oil when they are being cooked, and are often eaten cold in the summers of Japan to keep cool in the hot climate.
Hiyamugi noodles are a wheat flour noodle similar to somen, but a little thicker. They are served in the same way as somen noodles, and are usually white, but they can also take on pinkish colors as well.
Lastly, Udon noodles are the thickest noodles used in Japanese food. They are white wheat noodles, and can be served hot or cold with dipping sauces, similar to somen noodles. They are often found in hot soups and dishes during the cooler months in japan, as they are hearty and filling when mixed with other foods.
Now that we all know about the many different kinds of noodles in Japan, it’s time to eat some!

It is odd to turn on the T.V. and watch an anime on today and feel like I’m watching the exact same protagonist I was watching years ago. For me this mainly means seeing Bleach or Naruto and thinking Back to my old favorite Yu Yu Hakusho. It seems there are certain things expected of a fighting anime character group and not just the main character finds a mirror in more modern anime.

For those of you not familiar with Yu Yu Hakusho and it’s protagonist Yusuke Urameshi let me tell you a little bit. Yusuke is a young man in his early teens. He is seen as something of a delinquent and is ostracized by many people because of this. He likes to fight and gets himself into trouble because of this. He isn’t particularly smart and he is very direct, often to a fault. Now drop out Yusuke and add Ichigo or Naruto and see if it fits.

The other characters around Yusuke even seem to fit similar patterns. He has a brainy companion who is a counterpoint to his direct and often foolhardy ways. Ishida and Sasuke both fill this roll in their respective series. He also has a friend who is very strong and direct like himself and who is used as a foil at times. Rock Lee and Chad fill these rolls in their respective anime. Ofcoarse there is also a woman who is of interest to Yusuke and must often be saved, like Rukia or Sakura.

Perhaps these elements are helpful in making up a good fighting anime? Someone has to be smart so we know what the main character is doing is so very risky. Someone has to be saved so that the main character cares all the more about the fights. Someone has to be a friendly rival to give the character someone to compete against. I don’t know. There are certainly other anime out there that don’t fit this patter as completely, like History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi or The Breaker, but there still seem to be these patterns.

I also wonder why the main character has to be the direct and thoughtless one. Is it more significant that he achieves what he does through hard work and being special that through thought or strategy? Is it more inspiring to see someone achieve through effort than through planning? Perhaps it is simply to make the main character more endearing, easier to connect to somehow.

Perhaps it is just a newer group that is unfamiliar or not as fond of Yu Yu Hakusho that watches anime today. Perhaps stories are just retold every generation in different forms. I know what when I hear a phrase that could easily has come out of Yusukes mouth drop from the lips of some newer character it makes me wonder about the similarities but if I have the urge I just pull out my old DVDs and have a watch at the classic. Maybe in a few years people will be commenting about how another anime is just like Naruto. Maybe I’m just thinking about this too much. Enjoy your Anime, folks.

Want to see a movie that embodies the craziness of dreams and stunning animation? Look no further than Paprika.

This 2006 film was directed by the late Satoshi Kon and tells the tale of a machine that allows people to go into others’ dreams. When this machine is stolen and dreams begin to merge, the heroine, Paprika, is the only one who can help stop it. The movie is great for those who are fans of surreal movies as well as masterful animation.

Some scenes are just so well made that you might even be tempted to rewind and watch them again! In any case, this movie manages to be captivating with every viewing as the viewer is always able to spot more and more in each scene that they had not seen before. And with an amazing soundtrack, it’s always a pleasure to watch. Besides, who doesn’t like a parade headed by kitchen appliances?

Hello all! L-Chan here again~  ^_-

Today I am blogging about the sudden rise in B-horror movies coming out of Japan. I personally love horror movies in all their splendor, but am finding the B style ones to be particularly fun as they can easily become a manga or anime. Most notably is “Vampire girl VS Frankenstein girl” and “Robogeisha” that have come out recently. Both are so bad their good and poke fun at themselves so you know it’s on purpose.

Don't let the cover fool you, there is no cleavage and lots of blood.

I’ll start off with “Vampire Girl VS Frankenstein Girl”. This movie is about a vampire girl in High school who wants to have the cutest guy in school. The school snob wants him though and through a series of events becomes Frankenstein girl, yada, yada, yada. The true point of this movie is that the human body can squirt out 9 gallons of blood per minute for at least a good half hour and that black face takes on a different tone in Japanese high schools.

This is Afro-Rika she is japanese and wants to be black....she is president of a club of people trying to be black. Words cannot describe the weirdness.

The school is filled with a wrist cutting club, a “ultra super dark tanning club”, and the vice principal is also the bio, chem and science teacher. What this movie lacks in plot it makes up in sheer weirdness, breaking the fourth wall, and funnyness. I Personally would love to see it made into a manga or anime so artist out there! Get to it!

Next on our list is robogeisha:

Beauty and metal meet

Robogeisha though seeming to be even weirder than Vampire girl, actually has a plot. Not a strong one but still present. It also pokes fun at itself through the tengu girls who are part of a large corporation that wants to destroy the world. This movie is like the dream of a small 6 year old Japanese boy. Mix in 2 parts pretty girls, 1 part assassins, 1 part funny old people, 6 parts weirdness, and put it all in a transformers blender. Voila! You have Robogeisha.  This movie seems as if it has come out of a manga and I am frankly surprised it is not a manga. It features a easy pull towards many markets and a deep rooted sibling love that is being torn apart because of their stations in life. Comedy-drama robot genra anyone?

These are no sailor scouts

I truly hope more movies like this are brought out from Japan. They make great gory horror movies and even better B-horror movies. I also hope this will possibly make a rise in live action out of the awesome nation.

Sands of Destruction is an anime based on the role playing game with the same title by SEGA.  Unlike the last few sets of anime I reviewed, this one is older and has already been taken by Funimation Entertainment and has an English dub. It’s an action comedy that provokes thoughts on what if you had the power to destroy the world. I can’t say much else on the subject due to its small stature but let’s begin the overview.

The beginning of the episodes starts out explaining the world. A place where beast men rule, the ocean is sand and the human and second class citizens. The story begins with in intro from a small bearlike creature. The bartender brings up the main focus of the series which is “The World Destruction Committee”.  We see our main protagonist, Kyrie Illunis, a beast men working in a local restaurant. He seems to have a negative outlook on the world destruction. He gets chewed out for bring the wrong order for a customer. This is our second main character comes in, Morte Urshela. She is presumed to be part of “The World Destruction Committee”, but is actually just someone who wants to destroy the world. “The World Salvation Committee” storms the bar looking for her and she ends up trying to take Kyrie as a hostage. She accidently knocks off his ears, revealing he actually is a human. The “The World Salvation Committee” yells to fire before the intro rolls in.


Morte and Kyrie escape the gunfire and our bear like character gets talked into getting a job to save a little kid’s sister. A local cat castle decides that they’re using a sacrifice to appease the gods of the sands and hopefully get good luck. Morte and Kyrie share their first conversation and introduce each other. The little boy’s sister is found and the village elder finds both of them. They’re both taken in and feed. We see that Kyrie is a very simple minded and very simple person. Morte tells of her plan to destroy the world, saying it’s a hypocritical place. She pulls out an item called “The Destruction Code” which is said to be able to destroy the world. The scene moves to the elder sacrificing Morte instead of the girl. The elder and the cats from before trade words about the sacrifice and instead of kidnapping Morte, they kidnap Kyrie.

The scarifies god is something of a two headed plant. The cat king is eaten by the plant just before Morte comes to fight the beast. “The World Salvation Committee” comes in and tries to capture Morte while the bearlike creature comes in trying to complete the mission of saving the boy’s sister who is now Kyrie. The god comes back and is now in the shape of an octopus. He bearlike creature tries to save Kyrie from the best thinking is the sister and get consumed in the idea that he’s a part of the committee. When Kyrie touches “The Destruction Code”, the earth shakes and they find their escape.


The bearlike creature along with Morte and Kyrie set sail on a boat after thinking they’re all part to the “The World Destruction Committee”. Thus the episode ends as the ship sets sail.

There’s nothing outstanding about the series and it seems to a be a run of the mill anime. More characters are introduced throughout the series and secrets are revealed about “The Destruction Code” It does turn up a provoking though about the world’s destruction, but other than that, there’s nothing really special. In the end I would give the series a 7 out of 10.