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There have been many anime over the centuries that I have been alive. And I have seen some good and some bad. But once in a blue moon you’ll find one that makes you smile when you think of it, and laugh out loud by remember a certain part of the episode. This one is so new that I have to wait for it to air on Japanese television and who has it licensed to simulcast to to air it in the United States and else where. Now when I ask about tanks that is a superpower in tanks?


Now most of you would say the United States and you’ll be right there are today but back-in-the-day they weren’t, the Nazis from Germany were for their Panzers what so much stronger than ours and the Brits combine. Both of ours were lightly armored and fast and the Germans where heavily armored and slow. So this brand new anime is titled Girls und Panzer. It is set in the near future where Panzer warfare is a known a martial art for women Sensha-dō and they participate in war games with vintage WW2 tanks the M3 Stuart, 38(t), type 89 I-Go, Panzer III and IV. They fight with modified shells there it won’t destroy the other tanks. When the tanks are hit from a shell and are knocked out a white flag pops out of hiding to signal to the official that the tank is out of commission. And that is what I got so far from the 3 episodes I have seen, and I’m interested to see more!


Hello all! L-Chan here again~  ^_-

Today I am blogging about the sudden rise in B-horror movies coming out of Japan. I personally love horror movies in all their splendor, but am finding the B style ones to be particularly fun as they can easily become a manga or anime. Most notably is “Vampire girl VS Frankenstein girl” and “Robogeisha” that have come out recently. Both are so bad their good and poke fun at themselves so you know it’s on purpose.

Don't let the cover fool you, there is no cleavage and lots of blood.

I’ll start off with “Vampire Girl VS Frankenstein Girl”. This movie is about a vampire girl in High school who wants to have the cutest guy in school. The school snob wants him though and through a series of events becomes Frankenstein girl, yada, yada, yada. The true point of this movie is that the human body can squirt out 9 gallons of blood per minute for at least a good half hour and that black face takes on a different tone in Japanese high schools.

This is Afro-Rika she is japanese and wants to be black....she is president of a club of people trying to be black. Words cannot describe the weirdness.

The school is filled with a wrist cutting club, a “ultra super dark tanning club”, and the vice principal is also the bio, chem and science teacher. What this movie lacks in plot it makes up in sheer weirdness, breaking the fourth wall, and funnyness. I Personally would love to see it made into a manga or anime so artist out there! Get to it!

Next on our list is robogeisha:

Beauty and metal meet

Robogeisha though seeming to be even weirder than Vampire girl, actually has a plot. Not a strong one but still present. It also pokes fun at itself through the tengu girls who are part of a large corporation that wants to destroy the world. This movie is like the dream of a small 6 year old Japanese boy. Mix in 2 parts pretty girls, 1 part assassins, 1 part funny old people, 6 parts weirdness, and put it all in a transformers blender. Voila! You have Robogeisha.  This movie seems as if it has come out of a manga and I am frankly surprised it is not a manga. It features a easy pull towards many markets and a deep rooted sibling love that is being torn apart because of their stations in life. Comedy-drama robot genra anyone?

These are no sailor scouts

I truly hope more movies like this are brought out from Japan. They make great gory horror movies and even better B-horror movies. I also hope this will possibly make a rise in live action out of the awesome nation.

Its hard finding an anime or manga that just jumps at you and really holds your interest down to read it through, at least for me. In many ways it’s like trying to pick a good book to your liking. While others favor the ever popular Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece, I look for something that goes the extra mile. Here’s one of them.

I first heard of Yozakura Quartet by the artist’s name, Yasuda Suzuhito, who did the character design for Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (for the DS). Since I enjoyed the game, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to see the same artist who writes his manga and see how it is. I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.

Group of quartet

Smooth Criminals?

t’s not just the artwork that jumps out though; it’s the plot in general that reads like a real story, which is best described as Yu Yu Hakusho meets Charlie’s Angels. The heroes live in a peaceful town of Sakurashin, which also acts as a haven of demons to come in and live in peace. Or just cause some trouble as they see fit. That falls on the Mayor Hime and the Hiizumi’s Everyday-life Consultation Office, who not only acts as caretakers for little kindergartners, but act as a fighting force against any supernatural threat that threatens their town, with a diverse cast of characters.

panty shot

Chicks rock!

Hime is a young mayor who fights with super strength and agility with a lacrosse racket. Ao is a race of demon that specializes in telekinesis (via her point ears at the top of her head). Kotoha uses Kotodama, a verbal ability that can make anything appear just by speech (usually does so to make German military guns). And Akina, well… he’s pretty much the guy who helps run their little group financial wise, since he’s a ‘normal human’.


Pictures are decieving

These are the four main characters, but the whole town might just be considered cast material. None of them overshadow the other in importance, and usually let Hime’s group take care of the main problems, but it is evident that some characters can really cut loose if they can (but actually can’t as their power might destroy the town they live in).

lips and bass


Some people might lose interest around the first or second volumes because they seem to have just humorous and serial non-plot related adventures (in which the plot isn’t really establish and they’re just hanging out at times) but balances it out nicely in small foreshadows and fleshing out the characters before the serious stuff volume three and on.

Surprisingly enough, this manga was actually going to be about bands and music, but was continuously turned down to be rewritten into something else. The cover art stayed with the main characters assorted in sort of instruments, and not looking at all like a Yu Yu Hakusho type of story, but as they say; don’t judge a book by its cover.

Spoiler Alert~!~~~~!!!!!! If you have not watched the anime do not continue reading!!


Spoiler Alert is Spoiled

One word: BOOBS! Lots of boobs and fan service in this anime. Obviously this is aimed mostly to attract guys (and lesbians!) to the show, but even straight women can find enjoyment in this show. The nudity isn’t really entirely untasteful and you never get the feeling that you’re about to overdose on too many boobs. While there are gratuitous sex scenes and nudity abound, it just fits with the story! Not to mention, boobs are pretty awesome.

Ai chiwawa

Maybe she's born wiht it, maybe it's immortality

There isn’t much to complain about with Rin, really. The artwork for the anime is absolutely beautiful and the characters are very well developed throughout the story. My only minor complaint is that there is a lot of referencing to past events on the lives of Rin and Mimi, yet we never really see much of it. Plus, there’s also huge amounts of space between the episodes, sometimes a year, sometimes many years, to where we start with Koki in episode one and end with his teenaged granddaughter as a major character in episode 6. I feel like the series might benefit from a few more episodes that chronicle what happens between these massive time leaps. However, the flipside of this it that in skipping so much, the series completely avoids filler episodes, which are the bane of many an anime lover. The episodes are always right on the plot and stick with it through the whole six episodes.

The music in Rin is also very fitting for the anime, accenting happy moments with an upbeat rhythm and highlighting tense fight scenes with much more intense music. The voice acting was also superb, as well, although Mimi’s voice actor could tone down the tiniest bit on the shrillness of her voice.

Finally.. what is with the dog!? The poor thing gets shot pretty much in every single episode but then it’s back again for the next scene!

Kill a kitten instead

Everytime a dog dies in an anime a catgirl is born

Do the seeds of Yygdrasil make a female of any species immortal? But then what if a male dog takes in a seed? Do they become an angel-dog? This is definitely a source of confusion, for me at least. Perhaps this is where the legend of vampires comes from, with male bats taking in a seed and becoming angel-bats that suck the blood of unsuspecting maidens. Who knows. All I do know is that Rin ~Daughters of Mnemosyne~ is totally worth the watch, even if it is a little strange!

Highschool of the Dead is set in the present day, beginning as the world is struck by a deadly pandemic that turns humans into zombies, referred to by the main characters as “them”.

lady gaga ex deuzx


The story follows Takashi Komuro, a Japanese student at Fujimi High School who survived the initial outbreak along with several of his classmates and the school nurse, and occasionally jumps to the perspective of other characters.  Highschool of the Dead is starting it second season in September 2011, yea it’s a long time but I thinks it’s worth the wait.

While more well known among fans of the popular manga and anime series Fullmetal Alchemist, these two fangroups have also gained a certain level of infamy among the attendees of anime conventions and fans of other familiar characters, such as Fai D. Flourite from Tsubasa Chronicles or Ace from One Piece.

Miniskirt army

Miniskirt Army Insignia...why waffles?

The Miniskirt Army ( is the fanclub for english voice actor Travis Willingham ( and mainly focuses on his largest roles, including Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist, where the club got its name from the characters well known ‘Miniskirt’ rant, Ace from One Piece, and Ginko from Mushishi among many, many others.

risemboll rangers

Seems a bit more dynamic than MSA

Conversely, the Risembool Rangers ( are the MSA’s ‘enemy’, the fanclub of Vic Mignogna (,  well known voice of Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist, (thus, where the fanclub name comes from, Resembool being Ed’s home town [the spelling of his hometown was altered in naming the club for copyright issues]). He also voices Fai D. Flourite of Tsubasa Chronicles, Dark Mousy of DNAngel, Tamaki Suoh in Ouran High School Host Club and Ikaku Madarame of Bleach. Both groups have a very large fanbase and both play the part of ‘frienemies’. In other words, they act antagonistic towards one another, but neither actively displays any sort of open disrespect or dislike for the other or their members. In fact, many people who are Rangers are also Skirts and vice versa, simply because they are big fans of both Travis and Vic. Both fanclubs have been gaining popularity in recent years as they began to show up at various anime conventions across the country and run panels to increase their member base.

The most well known story involving the MSA and the Rangers is the story of ‘risemball’ and the first game ever played between both teams at a convention in Tennessee. Risemball is basically a game of dodgeball, played between the MSA and the Rangers. Travis and Vic played in this first, historic game and the Rangers won’t ever let the MSA forget that they lost to the team of ‘shorties’. Vic later recorded a song about this defeat called “The Legend of Middle Tennessee”

I myself am first and foremost a Risembool Ranger and the head panelist of the Ranger panels at Anime Boston and, starting this year, Another Anime Con. However, I am also a member of the Miniskirt Army! Despite the “frienemy” state of things, since AAC is such a small con and because I am best friends with the MSA panelist, instead of having two separate panels, the decision was made that there would be a co-panel with the MSA and the Rangers. Also, there are discussions of a possible game of Risemball, where anyone would be allowed to join in! The Risembool Rangers and the MSA are just two of many, many fangroups for the hundreds of voice actors out there but they are the most well known and popular fangroups. And it’s not surprising since both Vic and Travis are not only wonderful voice actors, but they are wonderful people as well and I am proud to be a Risembool Ranger and a Skirt. =^__^=

This was my first year to go to Anime Boston which made me more excited than an anime school girl! ^_^ I’d gone to AAC in Nashua and knowing the venue for Anime Boston was going to be bigger I expected a plethora of things to do in the day and a half I was going to be there with the club. I remembered all the youtube videos I would watch of the masquerades and all the cosplay! I even decided to dress up as a catgirl (still can’t decide if I was magical or not) for the event.

It will be everything I dreamed!

My high expectations were way to high for the actual thing. Yes Anime Boston was big and full of people but it made me feel distant and insignificant. Also there were soooooo many panels yet nothing I really found interesting. I went to three. The hentai dating game and anime unscripted were amazing and had me laughing for hours after, I also went to a choreographed cosplay contest which made me feel awkward and unimpressed. There was a point that the rest of the club decided to leave early before the masquerade because they were so bored and people were so misinformed about tickets that we were stuck with getting the streaming room which would leave us with the same feeling we’d get from watching it on youtube…but not in our PJ’s.

Compared to AAC Anime Boston seemed all hype and no delivery. This is just my personal view of it but it seemed too distant from the everyday anime fan. Yeah there was stuff to buy (ridiculously priced or no) but I prefer conventions that get to the heart of he random anime fan and connect with us through panels and such as equals. I for one left a sad catgirl.

aww :(

Sad catgirl. Penny-kun sad too!

Anime Boston

In a word: AWESOME!!!!!

Anime Boston never ceases to shock and awe con goers and innocent normies who happen to be near the Hynes on this most wondrous of weekends. Whether it’s the amazing guest list or the panels or the mind blowing skits at the Masquerade, many an otaku had a very, very happy weekend.

There were minor complaints about scheduling, mostly from people who wanted to attend certain things but found time conflicts, but sometimes things just can’t be helped. And as always the cosplays were AMAZING! The amount of hard work and dedication that go into some of them just really amazes me.

All in all, another great job by the AB staffers! Though we all will remember the overzealous AB security. There’s always one we all come across who clearly sat down on something thick and pointy. But even that can’t get an otaku down! Cheap manga and amazing artwork galore!

As always, the best part of any anime convention is the people. Making new friends on the sole grounds you happen to be cosplaying from the same series or standing in front of them in line is just too awesome. Some of my best friends ever are friends I met and talked to ONLY because they also cosplayed from the same series I was.

All in all, Anime Boston continues on the trail of awesomeness and fantastic fun times for all and I can’t wait to do it all over again, aching, blister covered feet and all, next spring. In the words of voice actor and AB guest Chris Ayres, love and laughter always!

"No need to be mean Mr. Security Guard"

Mai Otome’s main character is Arika Yumemiya.  She is an aspiring Otome, which are female warriors who use Old Technology, nanomachines, to gain incredible powers.  These powers come with a price though.  All of the Otomes are female because the nanomachines are not compatible with the Y chromosome.  This also means that any aspiring Otome needs to give up love to become the greatest and most respect Otome.  Throughout the series we learn that the princess might not really be the true heir to the throne and the series shows three girls who may be the right one.  Sergay is a detective whose true task is to find the real princess and tell his boss, the young but sinister Duke.  Overall the anime has good action with a lot of drama.  I enjoyed it and I hope that you will too.

Girl Power!

You may have heard of Harajuku from Gwen Stefani’s songs and fragrance line; Harajuku is the fashion district in Tokyo. Every Sunday teenagers will go to this “hip-and-happening” place dressed up in various styles from Gothic Lolita to Punk along with cosplay of anime characters. Harajuku means “meadow lodging” and is a little North from Shibuya and the Takeshita Dori (Takeshita Street) is the exact location where the culture takes place in the dense street along with unique shops and restaurants.

clogged streets

crowded but stylish

Here are some ways to dress “harajuku”:

1)      Gothic Lolita

classic goth loli

Dark yet sweet

2)       Cosplay

world known cosplay

picture perfect

3)      Kawaii

bear and stitch

cute..and kinda cosplay-ish?

4)      Punk


goth meets punk

Along with theses styles each outfit has to be unique and wild to the “harajuku’s”     taste. Certain styles include crazy hair colors such as Neon red or blue also costumes with plenty of ruffles to cover the streets of Harajuku. I personally like the classy look of Gothic Lolita that combines Victorian-like styles with a gothic touch. Gothic Lolita can also come in other colors such as pink or blue even white. Kawaii is also a really innocent and extravagantly adorable style that I awe at, awe as in as in the noun and the onomatopoeia “aw”.

If I ever have the opportunity to travel to Japan I would at least like to check out the intriguing, colorful district and when I do I will make sure to go on a Sunday to see what I like to call a  “runway fanfic” where everyone is free to let our their creativity through the art of fashion.